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Comments to 'Euro_Speedos_Part_VI_0885.jpg':

 boybbbb1234 (2012-08-14 02:03):

Thank you for sharing.

 aleksandr_otlov (2013-02-28 23:29):

Love the tight swimwear

 kenny120 (2013-09-17 19:00):

A very handsome boy.

 woof (2013-10-27 16:59):

I like adidas.

 johndoe1888 (2014-02-19 03:10):

I like him even more without the Adidas .............

 alexbiguy (2014-02-26 22:05):

wow smooth. trade vids anyone.

 stlouistopdad39 (2014-04-14 02:58):

nice photos thanks for sharing

Comments to 'Euro_Speedos_Part_VI_0005.jpg':

 bois4yann (2012-08-13 23:48):

Oh yes!

 izzydog28121964 (2013-03-29 11:14):

nice pack

 novoguy (2013-09-21 22:20):


 skyclad_boy (2014-06-23 21:22):

Beautiful bulge

Comments to 'Euro_Speedos_Part_VI_0009.jpg':

 bois4yann (2012-08-13 23:49):

That looks very nice ;-)

 ratzfatz (2012-08-14 22:47):

der hat bestimmt einen mächtigen ständer :-)

 littlejoe0712 (2012-08-21 21:52):

Hui...dem süssen eine Viagra ins Getränk...zusehen und geniesen...

 dranby (2012-09-22 06:01):

very nice

 izzydog28121964 (2012-10-24 22:09):

omg thats a big handfull

 panties2 (2012-11-30 17:42):

Only until it explodes; then it'll get small again-just rub the front of his speedo,u'll c.

 wetlycra (2013-03-24 14:16):

Big bulge ;p

 ddrpf76 (2013-05-31 19:34):

denn kolben würde ich auch gern einmal den knabensaft entlocken

Comments to 'Euro_Speedos_Part_VI_0031.jpg':

 ddrpf76 (2013-05-31 19:35):

klein aber fein in den mund muß er rein

 kenny120 (2013-09-17 19:04):

He may be young, but this speedling has a perfect figure for a swimming brief. He looks great!

Comments to 'Euro_Speedos_Part_VI_0042.jpg':

 voyeurism123 (2012-08-18 03:43):

süßer Junge

 dranby (2012-09-22 06:07):

beautiful boy

 ace_of_spad3s (2013-04-25 16:33):


 bubba963 (2013-11-23 22:56):

what a stunning beauty!

Comments to 'Euro_Speedos_Part_VI_0085.jpg':

 kenny120 (2013-09-17 19:29):

Not ever boy needs a speedo to look great.

Comments to 'Euro_Speedos_Part_VI_0121.jpg':

 ddrpf76 (2013-05-31 19:37):

sweet boy

Comments to 'Euro_Speedos_Part_VI_0135.jpg':

 xxjakexx (2012-08-14 01:30):

So richti tief eindring will man. Bis zum Anschlag reinrammen.

 asslover69 (2012-08-15 08:11):

speedos were the greatest invention ever made

 needyoufor (2012-08-25 23:05):

wo will er hingraben?

 ace_of_spad3s (2013-04-25 16:32):

What an ass!

 spanky54 (2014-09-07 09:14):

somebody is ready for a little spanking

Comments to 'Euro_Speedos_Part_VI_0150.jpg':

 kenny120 (2013-09-17 19:09):

"No matter how hard I try, and don't seem to get a dark enough tan."

Comments to 'Euro_Speedos_Part_VI_0159.jpg':

 ddrpf76 (2013-05-31 19:39):

große beule in der hose, gern mal rauf und runter, un die pein zu erledigen

 kenny120 (2013-09-18 02:04):

This speedling is so very cute. Built perfectly for a speedo-styled swimsuit. This boy has a very sweet face, nice long legs, trim body, and a cute little bump in his shorts. The girls probably fight to sit next to him in class. Thanks for sharing. :-)

 timo1101 (2014-03-17 06:01):

schöne beule und spielt noch im sand

Comments to 'Euro_Speedos_Part_VI_0225.jpg':

 xxjakexx (2012-08-14 01:32):

Hmmm i want to see tjem totally naked

 ace_of_spad3s (2013-11-20 02:35):

same I wouldn't say no

 ace_of_spad3s (2013-04-25 16:33):

Wow what a line up :D

 kenny120 (2013-09-17 19:44):

Even though they aren't facing the camera lens, I, like you, find them amazingly wonderful looking boys.

Comments to 'Euro_Speedos_Part_VI_0263.jpg':

 youngboys12 (2012-08-15 18:30):

cute boy

 skyclad_boy (2014-06-23 21:24):

White bits

Comments to 'Euro_Speedos_Part_VI_0273.jpg':

 the7doc7 (2013-04-09 09:41):

nice bulge

 novoguy (2013-09-21 22:23):

very nice

Comments to 'Euro_Speedos_Part_VI_0276.jpg':

 rease (2014-02-13 18:54):

lv him

Comments to 'Euro_Speedos_Part_VI_0282.jpg':

 rease (2014-02-13 18:55):

nice speedos hope u lose thm

Comments to 'Euro_Speedos_Part_VI_0289.jpg':

 leebed (2013-08-14 12:57):

Luv to bury my face between his legs

Comments to 'Euro_Speedos_Part_VI_0298.jpg':

 gball1 (2012-08-14 12:30):

very nice V

 the7doc7 (2013-04-09 09:42):

i wanna see what's inside that speedo

 panties2 (2013-07-20 19:55):

Me,2;preferably after he explodes in it.This way:1. There's a reason 2 take it off,it's wet and sticky. 2, He has to b cleaned up. 3, If u use a cold,wet washcloth 2 clean him there, he will squirm from being ticklish when u clean his birdie tip and ball sac.

 blacknyellow (2013-05-26 19:07):

i love really skinny boys

 kenny120 (2013-09-17 19:16):

"Oh no! I think I ripped the back of my Speedo!" I also love young, skinny boys, especially one as cute as this one.

Comments to 'Euro_Speedos_Part_VI_0326.jpg':

 frostyboy (2013-04-04 08:18):

cute as a button.

 blacknyellow (2013-05-26 19:08):

nice little nipples that would be fun to play with an l**k

Comments to 'Euro_Speedos_Part_VI_0336.jpg':

 ddrpf76 (2013-05-31 19:44):

nur süsse knaben in den Album, wo findet man die?

 nadeeda (2014-04-22 20:29):

i have

Comments to 'Euro_Speedos_Part_VI_0349.jpg':

 xxjakexx (2012-08-14 01:34):

In this position i would fu** him

Comments to 'Euro_Speedos_Part_VI_0352.jpg':

 thighs2 (2014-05-29 02:49):

what a great pair of legs, id love to put my hands on his thigh in the water

Comments to 'Euro_Speedos_Part_VI_0840.jpg':

 trex121 (2012-11-02 04:37):

Nice album

 placebo86 (2012-11-04 15:31):

and nice bellybuttom too

 ddrpf76 (2013-05-31 19:46):

für mein geschmack hat er zu fiel an

 kenny120 (2013-09-17 19:22):

He's adorable!

Comments to 'Euro_Speedos_Part_VI_0875.jpg':

 kenny120 (2013-09-17 19:24):

Handsome young blondie!

Comments to 'Euro_Speedos_Part_VI_0896.jpg':

 boy18bc (2012-12-11 21:27):

i wish i could get his tan going for myself... nice album

 kenny120 (2013-09-17 19:35):

American boys don't wear swimming briefs (speedos) that much anymore. I am glad to see that these European boys still do. Thank you for introducing us to such wonderful boys.
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