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Comments to '001.jpg':

 submuloc (2011-02-08 00:13):

very sexy blond hottie (2011-02-11 19:34):

The blond girl as such a nice body.

 jpgpedo (2011-02-14 13:54):

check out my album pass is snot (2011-02-14 15:11):

Not a lolita, just a kid. You should really read the definition of lolita. (2011-02-14 19:52):

nothing special (2011-02-28 14:36):

hot kids (2011-02-28 14:37):

kids are hotter than adults

 pollock4142 (2011-03-01 21:34):


 ukguy95 (2011-03-13 16:19):

Check my photos (2011-03-26 08:52):

perfect age

 darrrk (2011-03-26 19:15):

genuine video anyone?

 smallgirls33 (2011-03-28 16:22):

good set of pics

 cho1 (2012-01-19 13:51):


Comments to '002.jpg':

 pregrllvr (2011-02-14 02:56):

lovely pink panty (2011-03-03 05:03):

i would do them both (2011-03-28 16:35):

Too far away but I'd make a woman out of the one on the left first!

Comments to '003.jpg':

 pregrllvr (2011-02-14 02:55):

great shots ... (2011-02-15 10:58):

love the pink little panties (2011-03-03 05:05):

such hot little panties i wish the smaller girl was showing her panties (2011-03-28 16:38):

Seems we both have the same interest in the smaller one. Think maybe she could handle both of us ??? ,Maybe in the same hole???That would be so hot!

 voronin1 (2012-01-09 01:49):

She's a little slt!!!

Comments to '004.jpg': (2011-03-03 05:07):

i wish i had all three i would start with the smallest one (2011-03-26 05:59):

i wanna see them ride the cobs when they are done eatig! I'll help the lil one! (2011-03-28 16:27):

I wanna ride the lil one on my cob!

Comments to '005.jpg':

 submuloc (2011-02-08 00:16):

the 2 blond sisters are so incredible sexy looking!!!! (2011-02-27 04:19):

gott wie geiel sind die zwei linken? würd beide gern mal vögeln und den dabei ihr genick berechen!!! (2011-03-03 05:09):

the smallest one is allready horny she is trying to pull her dress up for us (2011-03-20 13:18):

Was bist du doch für ein Arschloch (2011-03-26 08:15):

Das selbe mit der kleinsten () (2011-03-28 16:23):

I'm already horny for the two smallest. I'd start at the right and work my way up!

Comments to '006.JPG':

 submuloc (2011-02-08 00:17):

a golden star has been stolen from heaven- THIS GIRL!!! (2011-02-08 08:49):

yummmmmmy (2011-02-14 09:05):


 fylde1 (2011-02-14 18:52):

Agree with everyone else :D (2011-02-15 18:24):

Wow (2011-02-21 02:07):

красивые трусики (2011-02-28 16:10):

Lovely! I wanna sniff her fishy gusset & see how many fingers I can get in her stinky bumhole! (2011-02-28 18:49):

shes perfect

 loliluving (2011-03-09 12:50):

Nice Lolita (2011-03-14 06:00):

oh she is so delicious looking - but I need proof so let me have a taste babes - lucy_hair69@yh (2011-03-27 03:56):

wow she so sweety (2011-03-27 20:12):

wow, now pull your other legs up and... (2011-03-28 04:31):


You can have the mother. I'll take her and any younger sisters and brothers!

 caman (2011-11-30 11:47):


 voronin1 (2012-01-09 01:45):

Luv to sck her little pink panties

Comments to '007.JPG':

 jim4girls (2011-02-28 17:28):

oh yes

Comments to '008.JPG':

 submuloc (2011-02-08 00:19):

so hot!!!!

 pregrllvr (2011-02-14 02:58):

weird ... Green panty ... But still sexy

 jpgpedo (2011-02-14 13:56):

check out my album pass is snot (2011-02-22 05:24):

she (or someone) changed her panties (2011-02-24 01:48):

who cares what color panties she has on.

 loliluving (2011-03-09 12:51):

Mmmm... so good

 bensaunder (2011-03-10 21:47):

gorgeous lil one (2011-03-14 05:56):

oh what a baby doll and so available toplay with in a secluded area - mmmmm lucy_hair69@yh (2011-03-15 19:48):

So pretty. (2011-03-27 20:10):

sure i will mister! what were you waiting for... (2011-03-28 13:36):

sieht aus wie Mecklemburg... (2011-03-28 13:38):

ja, ja... ist es aber nicht. Ich weiß. (2011-03-28 15:13):


I'll eat her green panties right off of her!

Comments to '009.JPG':

 spotme12 (2011-02-07 20:25):

don't think about taking your shirt off. Take it off!

 submuloc (2011-02-08 00:19):

a gorgeous girlie she is (2011-02-14 09:07):

A whole lot more please! (2011-02-15 17:16):

Let's go for a walk honey, I'll help you with your shirt. (2011-03-15 23:46):

full penetration on the first date (2011-03-26 11:01):

mag pics lupe112 web (2011-03-27 20:13):

just a perfect sight.

 utro1996 (2011-06-01 12:17):

lovely girl

Comments to '010.JPG':

 danblo22 (2011-02-21 07:12):

"Where do I put the balls?"

Comments to '011.JPG':

 submuloc (2011-02-08 00:21):

heavenly beauties (2011-02-14 04:32):

mmmmm (2011-02-14 07:06):

now we let the sun harden it for a few days and we can all have fun.

 nonogood (2011-02-14 18:17):

all three would be great load catchers

 fylde1 (2011-02-14 18:57):

Yes nono, but right 1st, then middle 2nd

 cowboy$$ (2011-02-14 23:44):

Fylde1 your right!!

 danblo22 (2011-02-21 07:14):

"It's hard, just like you, Uncle Dan..." (2011-02-24 01:49):

just the middle one the other two can go jump in the like. (2011-03-26 17:01):

Was fГјr geile Schnitten. (2011-03-28 16:31):

I'd have blondie feast out on the third one while I give the middle one a good butt ram!

Comments to '012.JPG':

 tayd (2011-02-08 05:50):

what a beautiful body (2011-02-14 12:19):

Модераторы - голубые еще хоть это не удалили. По мне пусть они и дрюкают друг друга - но не надо нормальные алббомы с красивыми девченками банить ( удалять) (2011-02-14 18:03):

now if you drop down slowly, with your legs wide open like i showed you earlier, it will go all the way in

 cowboy$$ (2011-02-14 23:46):

Anyone know how to load pics on an album please let me know (2011-03-08 01:39):

Perfect.swirlingdust at hotmail

Comments to '013.JPG':

 tayd (2011-02-08 05:51):

luv to spend a romantic weekend with these 2

 jpgpedo (2011-02-14 13:55):

check out my album pass is snot

 fylde1 (2011-02-14 19:00):

With u tayd

 cowboy$$ (2011-02-14 23:50):

Very nice!!

 danblo22 (2011-02-21 07:15):

nice ti*ts (2011-02-21 07:18):

a weekend alone with those 2 and we would f*ck like rabbits :) (2011-02-24 01:51):

the one on the left is sexy the other is way ugly

 bensaunder (2011-03-10 21:49):

both of 'em r angels!

 loliluving (2011-03-11 12:16):

Lovely lolies (2011-03-14 06:09):

beautiful girls - now lets go and play with our kitties ... lucy_hair69@yahoo (2011-03-28 21:43):

I'd give the rabbit a B.J. for either one!

 lukelukeluke (2011-03-29 19:14):


 voronin1 (2012-01-09 01:52):

Sweet little flat tight bodies

 voronin1 (2012-01-09 01:54):

JG, you have no albums bud

 cho1 (2012-01-19 13:52):


Comments to '015.JPG':

 submuloc (2011-02-08 00:23):

Looks so exciting!

 ricorot (2011-02-14 18:11):

like to see much more ... :-))

 loliluving (2011-03-11 12:17):

Me too!!!or much less. (2011-03-14 06:12):

I'm bored with the picnic aunt lucy can we go someplace private and play lesbian games - yes my darling we ca and are (see next pic) lucy_hair69@yahoo-

Comments to '016.JPG': (2011-02-07 21:27):

yes,sweetheart,lets just go in and enjoy each other (2011-02-07 21:30):

id do that good

 submuloc (2011-02-08 00:25):

this girl is a real hot dream (2011-02-08 06:02):

where she have a little fun?? (2011-02-08 07:26):

i wont tell sweetie i promise! (2011-02-10 18:14):

I hope that's a toilet & she's going to do a VERY smelly sh1t!

 nonogood (2011-02-14 18:21):

sweet ass (2011-02-14 22:05):

nice album (2011-02-15 06:01):

ithink it s sauna.lets go in honey. (2011-02-15 18:45):

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm (2011-02-21 01:17):

Unbelievable round volume at backsite. (2011-02-21 02:20): (2011-03-11 13:27):

last time she was seen... (2011-03-13 03:38):

So Sexy (2011-03-14 06:10):

thats right hunny this is our private play house - and oh are we going to play ... lucy_hair69@yahoo (2011-03-26 22:53):

i'd f*ck her sh*tty a s s and drink her p i s s. bon appetit. (2011-03-27 03:59):

sexy,sweety nice girl (2011-03-27 20:15):

damn, an instant hardon!!!

Comments to '017.JPG': (2011-02-20 16:35):

OMG I luv them both. Thanks!!!! (2011-02-24 01:52):

I bet they don't have any panties on. (2011-03-06 06:35):

mmmmmmm pink... i love pink... hot pink.. warm pink... moist pink... its delicious.

Comments to '018.JPG':

 submuloc (2011-02-14 00:00):

is he able to resist to so much beauty? (2011-02-14 07:22):

go ahead, you know you want to. he didn't wake up last time you did it. (2011-02-14 11:06):

Und in mir in meine Süsse Muschi stecke oder ob ich ihn vorher in den Mund stecke (2011-02-14 20:47):

she looks exactly at the point where his bulge would be if he would have his eyes open ;-) and I´m sure he only pretends to sleep so that he doesn´t do her the favour to see what she is waiting for :-)

 danblo22 (2011-02-21 07:17):

This time she wants to use her mouth, I bet! (2011-02-28 19:40):

ich ziehe ihm einfach die hose runter und reib ihn erstmal schön hard (2011-03-14 09:44):

hmm, axo q vou dar uma mamadinha (2011-03-26 04:34):

my d(ck would be up in the air (2011-03-26 04:50):

love to watch them get it on....rick156usa at (2011-03-28 21:46):

Love to see her face if I was to straddle him butt naked and started humpin!

 carcrazyguy (2011-05-19 21:17):

Uncle Bob! Something is growing in your pants!!

 sweetie1a (2012-06-20 22:24):

na mach schon ;-)

 adebar (2013-05-06 18:15):

los, trau dich ;-)

Comments to '020.jpg':

 submuloc (2011-02-14 00:01):

she isn't from this earth! (2011-02-14 17:45):

search vor pilnaci and you found this picture.

 nonogood (2011-02-14 18:24):

sweet (2011-02-15 00:00):

These girls have such beautiful shapes.

 danblo22 (2011-02-21 07:18):

Nice hardbodies... (2011-03-27 20:00):

geil die kleine blondiene

Comments to '021.jpg': (2011-03-26 06:45):

look how small he is dadddy is tiwce that size

Comments to '022.jpg': (2011-02-21 07:10):

wow (2011-02-24 01:53):

orgy time.

 gratescot (2011-10-18 18:36):

foreground awesome

Comments to '023.jpg': (2011-03-27 16:47):

Wenn er mit der fertig ist lasse ich mich verwöhnen, aber richtig, bis es ihm kommt.

Comments to '024.jpg': (2011-02-21 07:11):

protip always buy a bigger bikini that what she needs, see pic for example

Comments to '025.jpg': (2011-02-21 02:31):

___lilnicegirlätwebdotde (2011-02-28 16:24):

sure mister, I'd be happy to show you where the storage room is. Its on the other side of the building where no one would hear me crying. Let's go

Comments to '026.jpg':

 jim4girls (2011-02-28 17:30):

she is very hot (2011-03-14 06:22):

yes she is, and I have just the tongue and fingers to make her even hotter, the way only a woman can.. lucy_hair69@yahoo

Comments to '028.jpg': (2011-03-28 21:39):

That cute red headed boy is just what I want..I love an audiance.. I'd love to pound him long and hard in front of his lil friends!

Comments to '029.jpg': (2011-02-28 21:24):

me too and cover that pretty face in my juice :P (2011-03-06 01:31):

It says here it doesn't taste too bad, so what are you waiting for, Uncle?

Comments to '030.jpg': (2011-02-21 02:57):

she is a beautiful little hottie, thanks (2011-02-28 14:59):

was für ein schöner engel. (2011-02-28 16:13):

little cameron diaz in the making (2011-02-28 16:40):

i'd fuc*k that for hours (2011-02-28 19:43):

gefalle ich dir so papi oder soll ich mich ganz ausziehen (2011-03-26 22:59):

i'd clean out my college fund to f*ck her till she turns 12 and pregnant, then i'd f*ck the baby! (2011-03-26 22:59):

repeat til i die.

 voronin1 (2012-01-08 03:00):

Wud love her all night long

Comments to '031.jpg': (2011-03-15 05:55):

id make her eat the little one while im sliding in and out

Comments to '032.jpg': (2011-02-28 15:01):

oh, super pic, thanks (2011-02-28 16:57):

petit salope lol

 jim4girls (2011-02-28 17:31):

i would love to tounge her (2011-02-28 18:34):

That is lovely love it when they spread there legs great albums i like them showing a bit of panty

 evergreen69 (2011-02-28 19:16):

great shot (2011-02-28 20:34):

mal reingreifen (2011-02-28 21:31):

Very nice pix , but damn this site loads sloooooow.

 pollock4142 (2011-03-01 21:35):

nice (2011-03-03 05:17):

i would like these two to go down on each other

 wantlolita (2011-03-12 06:13):

slide in (2011-03-14 06:30):

babes the blonde already knows how to eat puss - trust me I know, because I did it at her age, and she has that look, and yes I loved it and continue to do it ... lucy_hair69@yahoo (2011-03-28 04:56):

Heh Heh...of course we all know that lucy_hair69 is actually a 52 year old unemployed dude in a Michigan basement apartment, right? Or are you really surprised?

 caman (2011-11-19 02:31):


 kay2mito (2012-08-12 09:23):


 justbrad (2013-12-27 22:41):

Lil sis just has to reach a little bit further

 bigjoe09 (2014-04-26 09:34):

very nice

Comments to '033.jpg': (2011-03-03 11:39):

oh man i want her tight and smooth

 wantlolita (2011-03-12 06:12):

balls deep (2011-03-14 06:19):

aunt lucy - I want you....lucy_hair69@yh (2011-03-26 04:16):

A blond bomber. (2011-03-27 20:18):

this is right after you show her your hot, stiff rod and tight balls!

Comments to '035.jpg': (2011-03-14 06:31):

this is one horned up little kitten - love to give her some tongue action -lucy_hair69@yh (2011-03-27 20:19):

i love her little hips and tummy!

Comments to '036.jpg': (2011-03-14 06:32):

oh god this litte blonde wants her sweet puss eaten so badly..why couldnt I be in this pic doing just that ... lucy_hair69@yahoo (2011-03-27 20:21):

those bottoms are begging to be slipped down those long thighs!

 justbrad (2013-12-27 22:42):

I'd be happy to just slide my hand down her belly into those bottoms

Comments to '037.jpg': (2011-03-20 10:03):

perfect position (2011-03-26 17:21):

Those Bottoms Need To Come Off (2011-03-26 22:56):

double the pleasure. double the fun. (2011-03-27 20:21):

wow i am dripping! (2011-03-28 21:29):

And I thought I would go through this album without fapping. Guess NOT!

Comments to '038.jpg':

 bensaunder (2011-03-26 01:32):

lovely girls (2011-03-26 17:02):

Eine Nacht mit euch, dass wäre echt geil. (2011-03-27 04:00):

what a perfect feet

Comments to '039.jpg': (2011-03-14 06:33):

OMG preteen lez loving heaven! lucy_hair69@yahoo

 staryrower (2011-03-17 04:50):

couple weeks ago my 13 years old sister got drunk and she wanted me to do massage for her growing breasts. this one in the middle must be 13 either.

 fingagy (2011-03-19 03:41):

then you should upload some pics of your sisters breasts :) and did you do the massage? (2011-03-26 06:56):

Oh yes I'd like to massage her breast mmm

 bluetree12 (2013-10-06 15:18):

sweet little girls

Comments to '041.jpg': (2011-03-26 07:00):

More pics of that teen. A few topless would be nice. I'M WAITING...

Comments to '044.jpg': (2011-03-28 21:33):

I would take the lil one to my pool. I would hold her as we both jump in the deep part and I'd be inside her before we got to the top of the water!

Comments to '047.jpg':

 voronin1 (2012-01-09 01:58):

Lovely little hard body and yummy feet

 kay2mito (2012-08-12 09:23):


Comments to '048.jpg':

 voronin1 (2012-01-14 01:38):

Oh Yum Yum

 bluetree12 (2013-10-06 15:20):

wow, what a body
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