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Comments to 'originalCADO2ZPS.jpg': (2010-12-29 12:04):

Would like them in bed. (2010-12-30 04:09):

Wow! She could charge a fortune to be babysat any time of day or night! And I'd pay for mummy and daddy to go away for a long long time! (2011-01-02 23:22):

what time did you put them to bed?

 naughtybecca (2011-01-03 21:01):

Unless its a school night I let them stay up as late as they want as long as they have taken their bath and have changed into pajamas.

 kingyoda (2013-03-20 17:26):

bath time must be so much fun. Pls tell me about it

 alolilicker (2011-01-04 15:38):

sweet so sweet.....does she taste sweet

 dadof1 (2011-01-05 01:18):

Very sweet girls. U got any more pics email me i have daughter pics i can trade (2012-12-03 23:21):

Me too

 dojjan (2012-12-14 17:53):

idd love to see yourew daughter,, look at my album,,

 getmark (2013-02-12 19:22):

oh pleeze??

 twd79 (2013-09-19 20:56):

trade? (2011-01-06 07:39):

any diaper pics (2011-01-14 02:05):

into the pajamas? why?

 naughtybecca (2011-01-16 02:26):

Why pajamas? Because that way she is all dressed for bed incase she falls asleep watching TV or something. (2011-01-29 15:07):

Cute..........Wish I could help you. (2011-02-12 01:21):

add klajdbiku on yahoo if u wanna see some good stuff (2011-02-26 18:59):

real mummy i have 3 little step kids aged 3, 5 and 11 trade with any one? if you are real mayb u can meet them or web cam i like very yg girls into ha.rd and e.vil add me to yahoo im mummymummyuk a t if u want to no more and no i am a mum and b4 for u c my kids u have to trade first thats the deal no time wasters please

 lil2012 (2013-02-07 19:57):

email me we defintly need a chat tfb102371 at

 pjblover2014 (2014-05-21 15:56):

Mail me (2011-03-08 13:11):

Cute.........Would love to teach her what she needs to know. (2011-03-16 04:11):

TELL ME WHERE THEY LIVE!!! (2011-04-06 21:36):

You should pimp them. They wont tell & youll make tons of money. (2011-05-24 19:02):


 3sickness (2011-07-26 08:07):

I bet they're alotta fun! Would love to see more..look at the girls I babysit on my album

 videotrader71 (2014-05-20 21:56):

you don't have any albums

 wuzzel69 (2011-11-10 04:44):

Ok its bed time (2012-01-03 13:23):

has she seen c*ck yet?

 jake0101 (2012-01-23 10:21):

have u messed with them?

 ar3079110977 (2012-02-21 23:15):

shes sooooo sweet (2012-05-28 04:56):

She taste good (2012-08-08 05:41):

you people are sick! Get a life (2012-08-14 11:02):

Love to see more of her, maybe hide a cam in her room and have her change cloths ,

 clitty1 (2012-08-25 22:26):

Email me for trades!!! (2012-10-08 08:56):

hey sexy (2012-10-26 01:32):

so hot id love to babysit them id bath and take them to bed

 sexyshawn123 (2013-03-28 05:17):

i would love to see more

 lesbienped (2013-04-01 04:13):

i work for free :-D

 friendofset (2013-09-13 02:29):

Check my albums. Trade you my girls private pics for yours

 twd79 (2013-09-19 20:57):

Love to trade. Email me.

 zsierra12 (2014-01-17 05:47):


 puppetts2 (2014-08-14 16:13):

luck you!

Comments to 'originalCA4LADSY.jpg': (2010-12-30 04:21):

I'd love to send you a picture of me shooting over a print-out of her face! If I had her e-mail address I'd send it straight to her. (2011-09-12 10:52):

want to see her pee her pants (2012-05-23 17:59):

69.8.20 me too.I love it.

Comments to 'ghj.jpg': (2010-12-30 04:23):

"Hi there, I can't talk right now, I'm busy playing with my babysitter's boyfriend!.... Yes, he is, and his is even bigger than your daddy's!" (2011-03-28 02:54):

would love to see her panties (2012-01-21 23:14):

nice blue eyes (2012-08-18 06:19):

subh a lovely smile, can tell she really loves her baby sitter in a nice way, not sick like these others

 jbz22 (2013-05-30 16:35): there better?

Comments to 'originalCAF5Y4F2.jpg': (2012-07-10 06:34):

oh daddy its so big

Comments to 'originalCAPCOUB4.jpg':

 noweatthis (2011-06-05 21:48):

she is cute!

 pjblover2014 (2014-05-21 15:58):

Mail me

Comments to 'originalCAZLBZ1Z.jpg': (2010-12-30 04:24):

You little sweethear, you know what I;m doing for you right now! If only you could see me! (2010-12-30 05:29):

She replies "are you doing what the men at the playground do ?"

Comments to 'originalCAT7F22R.jpg': (2012-04-07 03:27):


Comments to 'originalCAPCOUB4.jpg': (2010-12-29 17:27):

Lets play a game - whoever can get their clothes off the fastest wins

 naughtybecca (2010-12-29 19:06):

LOL, Sara would would win for sure. When I first started sitting for her a couple of years ago I would let her play dress-up. As soon as she picked out something to try on woosssh ---- off came her cloths (2011-01-06 07:02):

oh darling the fun I use to have when I babsat little ones like her - email caht with me sometime and I will sahre with you - kisses, lucy_hair69@yh (2011-04-06 22:09):

its incredibly hot that other women/girls find this hot too.

 hpdotcom (2012-03-11 19:28):

not as hot as you Becca but still nice to look at

Comments to 'bn.jpg':

 submuloc (2011-01-11 00:37):

oh my, such a fantastic looking bridaldress! I want marry her! (2011-03-05 04:19):

i'd like to go through a make believe wedding with her, then honeymoon in the bedroom.

 k0wc0w50 (2014-04-23 07:46):

me too!

Comments to 'sdr.jpg':

 submuloc (2011-01-11 00:37):

what a sweetie she is!

 salted (2012-08-24 03:57):

Very sweet

Comments to 'vhj.jpg':

 wantyngones (2014-05-26 00:11):

Two sweet playtoys

Comments to 'bb.jpg': (2011-01-06 14:23):

Mmmmm sweet ...

 submuloc (2011-01-11 00:38):

she looks sexy

 iluvlilasses (2012-06-13 11:28):

very cute (2012-06-21 13:30):

heftig sexy die kleine frau

 grllove968 (2012-10-10 01:33):

Oh ja, die kleine könnte ne Ladung vertragen. (2012-11-12 13:38):

that is how my eight year old looks at me when she wants to make love to me

Comments to 'cc.jpg': (2010-12-29 12:06):

I would do more than babysit. (2010-12-29 13:00):

don`t you mean grannysit??

 jamaul09411 (2010-12-29 13:28):

i would love to give her something ;) (2011-01-03 15:04):

Do you have stories or pics of them peeing? Neverseenw& (2011-09-14 23:27):

I think that they need me to jump in the tub and show how to get real clean (2012-08-21 12:31):

Love to ream her little puss.

 budlvr (2012-09-22 00:43):

How lucky you are. Makes me sorry I no longer babysit. (2012-10-30 03:23):

I'm jealous u get to see the naked (2012-12-19 19:52):

Mmmmmmm reminds me when wife baby sat toddler girls ooh what fun

Comments to 'dd.jpg': (2010-12-29 13:36):

Any nudes of her? (2010-12-29 17:28):

need pics of her in bed (2010-12-30 03:08):

hot girl...parents shouldnt let me babysit for her lol.

 modelzfan (2010-12-31 08:24):

Just how naughty are you becca? :)

 happypants (2011-01-03 03:59):

She'd be hurting in the morning (2011-01-06 07:04):

thats where many of my baby sitting jobs ended up - then the fun really began - lucy_hair69@yh

 alolilicker (2011-01-07 23:31):

i wanna taste (2011-01-29 15:07): Can she spend the nite with me? (2011-03-05 04:22):

I'd love to babysit her!!!! (2011-05-23 02:21):

backed into the corner like that and then pounce! (2011-07-03 17:46):

Can we get more (2011-07-03 20:49):

hmmmmmmm if only i was in her room now

 grandpaluv (2011-07-19 23:35):

nice, u must have a lot of fun babysitting her

 brothersfukslut2 (2011-08-21 11:55):

Would love to join you when babysitting, Ha Ha... Vicky xxxxx

 boneharder (2011-10-17 01:38):

wow what a are sooooo lucky. (2012-01-07 10:01):

very cute girl

 ar3079110977 (2012-02-21 23:16):

hot hot

 littlelegs (2012-04-15 18:03):

love age to train (2012-06-11 21:09):

lust auf bilder-oder videotausch? (2012-06-11 21:09):

lust auf bilder-oder videotausch?

 likesyng (2013-02-02 04:41):


 puppetts2 (2014-08-14 16:40):


Comments to 'hh.jpg':

 submuloc (2011-01-11 00:40):

heavenly looking in her lovely dress and with a pretty hairstyle

Comments to 'kk.jpg':

 submuloc (2011-01-11 00:42):

hot! (2011-03-22 10:26):

I'd love to sit her too........on my face (2011-04-05 12:21):


 mparmyguy (2012-04-04 23:43):

very cute girl

 iluvlilasses (2012-06-13 11:29):


 bcknight (2014-01-30 21:53):

sweet girl

Comments to 'originalCAR4UE3C.jpg': (2010-12-31 06:37):

i like,strip her

 submuloc (2011-01-11 00:43):

Hmmm, so sweet! (2012-06-06 09:02):

love to eat the pink hole up her dress, young and tastie (2012-07-14 10:47):

love to force her, hard. feel her sexy little legs on my hips as i force myself balls deep inside her, ramming in as she struggles and screams underneath me. then grab her jaw and her hair and shove my c*ck all the way down her throat and f*ck her little mouth as she gags and thrashes. lastly i would bend her over and r*pe that child's ^sshole brutally as i strangle her with pantyhose (2012-11-15 18:25):

to anon98-you are a pig

 jbz22 (2013-05-24 02:12):

All are nice..did any present an opportunity?

 wantyngones (2014-05-26 00:23):

Ver y cute and sexy

Comments to 'IMGP3020.jpg': (2011-01-03 04:15):

bet she swallows it (2011-01-06 07:06):

my tongue - oh yes she can but it deep in her sexy little mouth - lucy (2011-03-28 02:59):

yeah..imagine seeing that moth at work! (2012-03-17 22:56):

Würde ihr auch gern alles in den Mund spritzen. (2012-05-28 04:55):

Definitely a sallower not a spitter (2012-05-31 10:29):

un adorable petit "cul-de-poule".

 stacysmith24 (2012-09-21 19:30):

cutie! (2012-11-12 23:15):

Cute kids. Any chance of you getting some nude shots? Email me at : lvestdles be glad to work something out!

Comments to 'IMGP3032.jpg': (2011-01-06 07:07):

mmm to kiss those sweet lips becca - know what I mena babes - I bet you do naughty girl...lucy_hair69@yahoo (2012-05-31 10:30):

tu es très belle ainsi

Comments to 'IMGP3133.jpg': (2011-01-04 02:42):

What a princess^^

 submuloc (2011-01-11 00:45):

Yes, she looks adorable (2011-03-28 02:56):

would love to see her panties

 ar3079110977 (2012-02-23 16:54):

great face (2012-08-18 06:17):

hi im with the cute department and you have been voted as the cutest girl in the world. oh so want to hug her and get toknow her and not be like a pedo (2012-10-21 05:43):

yeah i agree with the last comment she is to cute to have dirty thoughts about,she should be loved and held and kissed on the cheek (2012-10-21 05:44):

ah but forget that i want to do her

 cynon (2013-12-19 10:30):

When is changing time?

Comments to 'IMGP3143.jpg': (2011-01-06 07:08):

kiss kiss kiss - lucy

 submuloc (2011-01-11 00:46):

her mouth is so luscious big and so very kissable (2011-11-30 23:21):

I wait to ram my rock hard d**k into your warm wet p***y, while this little cutie watches and waits for her turn.

Comments to 'IMGP3108.jpg': (2011-01-06 03:35):

cutie pa-tootie (2011-03-28 02:57):

i agree....would be trying to look at her panties all night (2012-03-01 19:47):

Dame take me babysiting sume time I wold love her

 lovesweetpink (2013-01-06 10:42):

would charge a dime to babysit her!

 wantyngones (2014-05-26 00:25):

Great album. Would enjoy any and all of them. Trade?
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