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Comments to 'masha -.jpg':

 fingagy (2010-12-02 23:05):

of course not. she's a well-known nudist girl

 lupo113 (2010-12-02 23:18):

But she must have a father too, so you can't be sure.

 fingagy (2010-12-03 02:49):

but I give it a very, very little chance, that you're the father :)

 lupo113 (2010-12-03 07:20):

I wouldn't bet against you :)

 humb-humbert (2010-12-31 11:20):


 humb-humbert (2010-12-31 11:39):


 lacrima (2010-12-31 15:45):

sehr schöne Fotos!

 kwiki (2011-01-03 23:14):

superbe album!il en faut plus. very ood album.more please!!! ;)

 catalogee99 (2012-01-08 01:15):

I have many pics to trade, would love to see more Masha?

 winebub1970 (2012-12-15 20:03):

geile maus

Comments to 'masha - (2).jpg':

 nicepics200 (2010-12-02 21:39):

I call this girls 4-year, so it's Masha now. There is another very early set with her on a boat or ferry. Tell me if you need it. And thanks for sharing.

 lupo113 (2010-12-02 23:16):

Many thanks for your kind offer. I have all sets :)

 katiebabe98 (2011-01-07 17:54):

Where do you find such great photos?? To bad you can't show the bottom half.

 lupo114 (2011-01-07 18:35):

I can't tell you this way, I'm afraid they would delete me again :(

Comments to 'masha - (3).jpg':

 cheep (2010-12-02 17:25):

ganz nett

 xantia01 (2010-12-03 11:58):

Très mignon.

 sf2020c (2011-02-24 13:57):

yng puffies are sooo hot

 winebub1970 (2012-12-15 20:04):

geile titten

Comments to 'masha - (4).jpg':

 polarisgirl (2010-12-01 22:15):

Oh, wow. Pretty girl, but the buds are simply beautiful

 xantia01 (2010-12-03 12:03):

Que c'est beau la nature...

 wildpp (2010-12-04 14:43):

nice girl

 fuesse (2013-10-23 10:42):

Sehr süß

 tanuyshka (2014-10-03 09:01):


Comments to 'masha - (6).jpg':

 polarisgirl (2010-12-01 22:21):

That's my favorite age. They are so teachable

Comments to 'masha - (9).jpg':

 nikon444 (2010-12-01 19:35):


 alfonso (2010-12-01 21:29):

Very Nice

 winebub1970 (2012-12-15 20:05):

geile kindertitten

Comments to 'masha - (10).jpg':

 polarisgirl (2010-12-01 22:24):

Please allow me! Please!

Comments to 'masha - (11).jpg':

 winebub1970 (2012-12-15 20:06):

ich habe eine latte

Comments to 'masha - (12).jpg':

 angeleyes10 (2010-12-01 11:04):

She is beautiful

 lupo113 (2010-12-01 14:58):

Yes, she shows more, but I can't, sorry. I tried it many times and several ways. It seems that they only let you post this kind of pics.

 lolli-pirate (2010-12-03 19:54):

what is wrong is imgsrc is predominately boy-oriented - the rules are far far stricter for those that post only girls

 fbfriends (2010-12-04 15:15):

She needs a toy

 nordicislands (2012-06-25 09:28):

no one else get kickt of full frontal nude pics or nudist and naturist pics. especialy if you have an easy pass, but all of this pics in orginal are allready here in other albums. I now one ho has 3 acounts to get room for all of his orginal ful resolution pics, and he has been here for years and are not kickt. You are problebly kickt for repost but then you modified the pics you are in the safe

 blackdeath1812 (2014-05-11 20:19):

Please more via mail please please

Comments to 'masha - (14).jpg':

 angeleyes10 (2010-12-01 11:07):

Even lovlier

 angeleyes10 (2010-12-01 17:20):

I would also. I can just imagine how soft, smooth and beautiful she must look like.

 polarisgirl (2010-12-01 22:27):

too bad there isn't a forum which is not so restrictive. if you know, email, please pmmacd at g mail dot com. Thank you

 lupo113 (2010-12-01 22:48):

I've sent you a mail, polarisgirl.

 fingagy (2010-12-06 02:24):

thewiseman: In spite of your name you're not too wise. You write "If you want the password to an album just send me a message on here." But you have only one password protected album, and no e-mail on your profile. How many people do you think will (or can) write to you? I tell it: nobody!

 fuesse (2013-10-23 10:43):

Hmmm lecker

Comments to 'masha - (15).jpg':

 simi12 (2010-12-02 01:13):

super süss

Comments to 'masha - (16).jpg':

 familyguy (2010-12-01 17:55):

lovely tits

 nikon444 (2010-12-01 19:36):


 custos (2011-01-03 02:17):


 janieluv (2011-01-05 03:50):

very beautiful

Comments to 'masha - (17).jpg':

 fratzy1 (2010-12-10 15:47):

Oh man, wenn das alles Sahne ist, dann würde ich sie gerne abschlecken!

Comments to 'masha - (18).jpg':

 cheep (2010-12-02 17:18):

nicht schlecht

 mike007 (2010-12-11 20:08):

Eine wunderschöne Mädchen-Brust

 sf2020c (2011-02-24 14:04):

perfect age to start

 irfansheikh (2013-05-16 18:07):

mail me

Comments to 'masha - (19).jpg':

 888888123 (2011-01-09 00:44):


Comments to 'masha - (20).jpg':

 irfansheikh (2013-05-16 18:08):

love you sweet??????????

Comments to 'masha - (26).jpg':

 dean2k12 (2013-02-17 22:40):

Watch her growing makes my "best friend" growing as well.

Comments to 'masha - (27).jpg':

 a1b1c1d1e1f1 (2013-10-20 18:42):

Blow the candle out, then pop it in

Comments to 'masha - (29).jpg':

 cheep (2010-12-02 17:20):

geil die Titten wie alt mag die wohl sein

 kwiki (2011-01-01 18:16):

gute! nice! super! magnifique!

 irfansheikh (2013-05-16 18:10):


Comments to 'masha - (31).jpg':

 lupo114 (2011-01-03 18:43):

Thanks for compliments. What a pity that so much must be covered.

Comments to 'masha - (34).jpg':

 nonogood (2011-01-03 22:01):

have unloaded on her alot

Comments to 'masha - (35).jpg':

 flinkpatterfoot (2013-03-20 10:06):

This crop actually makes it look more erotic than the full picture!

 shorty51 (2014-05-03 14:43):

this is perfect

Comments to 'masha - (36).jpg':

 irfansheikh (2013-05-16 18:11):

please mail me love you woooo

Comments to 'masha - (40).jpg':

 anik (2010-12-09 13:28):

когда была по моложе,была симпотичнее...

 cheep (2010-12-09 19:48):

wow geil die Nippel

 ptf84 (2011-01-01 23:42):

Looking for a boyfriend?

 silbersee2010 (2011-01-02 00:55):

na auf dem Bild gefällt sie mir gar nicht! :(

 custos (2011-01-03 02:22):

Просто фото немного неудачное и личико слегка обгорело на солнце.

Comments to 'masha - (42).jpg':

 littlefucker (2011-01-06 20:33):


Comments to 'masha - (44).jpg':

 irfansheikh (2013-05-16 18:12):

love you

Comments to 'ma109.jpg':

 ptf84 (2011-01-01 23:39):

Too much candy

 skinnyskin (2014-03-20 10:35):

too bad she put on this weight

Comments to 'ma124.jpg':

 pon69 (2011-01-21 09:20):

wow, wonderful dress ??????????

Comments to 'ma87.jpg':

 druschba (2011-12-16 13:20):

super album

Comments to 'ma85.jpg':

 silbersee2010 (2011-01-02 00:52):

doch, ja, sieht immer noch ganz ok aus..

Comments to 'ma86.jpg':

 custos (2011-01-03 02:24):

Удачно вышло.
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