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Comments to 'Need A Spanking (73).jpg': (2011-11-06 17:41):

Wahey! Thanks seditionaries, I am exploring yours albums and they are great! MrBrit.

Comments to 'Need A Spanking.jpg':

 brownowl (2011-01-12 20:17):

Yes i agree need a jolly good spanking, of course in uniform. (2011-03-03 01:28):

Ich würde sie nicht verhauen. Ich würde ihr lieber die Strumpfhose und den Slip runter ziehen und sie dann schön vögeln von hinten. Das ist eine gute Stellung zum vögeln. Das gefällt ihr garantiert besser, als wenn man sie verhaut.

Comments to 'Need A Spanking (3).jpg': (2011-07-20 12:26):

mit welchem Reimen

Comments to 'Need A Spanking (5).jpg': (2010-11-22 15:24):

I don't know about "Tolle Pringe" position - in the U.S. us Yanks call it the "Diaper Position!"

Comments to 'Need A Spanking (6).jpg': (2011-02-06 09:17):

i would love to play twister with u girls i'm a nudist

Comments to 'Need A Spanking (9).jpg': (2011-05-02 02:49):

great you both know it's good for kids:)

Comments to 'Need A Spanking (20).jpg': (2011-01-01 17:22):

вот эта в голубых треньках ваше жгет xDDDDDDDD

Comments to 'Need A Spanking (22).jpg': (2011-11-11 19:30):

hoffentlich fest!lust auf bilder-oder videotausch?

Comments to 'Need A Spanking (24).jpg': (2010-11-22 15:29):

And make sure her Anus is fully exposed -- and convulses violently during the Chastisement! (2010-11-22 19:51):

Definately, an exposed anus is a must, especially with an audience. Either put the girl in positions that would facilitate this or make the girl spread her cheeks apart. (2011-02-04 02:14):

This is also told to be a nice "cornertime" position. Years ago a friend gave his daughter 60 minutes with hands and feet tied and a burning candle in her anus. She did not manage to hold her ass up all the time and the candle burned too fast... (2011-02-06 09:21):

sexie (2011-11-11 19:31):

lust auf bilder-oder videotausch?

 pimpinshlyuha (2011-12-27 07:24):

hold that pose, piggie, i have a fist for that tight anus....i will take my time stretching you for it, so do not worry

Comments to 'Need A Spanking (25).jpg': (2011-01-04 02:08):

Den Gören gehört der Hosenboden versohlt

Comments to 'Need A Spanking (26).jpg': (2011-01-31 18:35):

I'd love a damned good bum sniffing session with this pair! (2011-02-22 11:37):

I`d love a damned good bum R00TING session with this pair...imagine the spunk dribbling out of their arse-holes!!! (2011-05-23 04:06):

I'd love to spank both those briefed bottoms

Comments to 'Need A Spanking (29).jpg':

 liltwat62 (2010-11-04 07:37):

Very erotic (2010-11-04 13:16):

great (2010-11-05 19:32):

Nudity? Maybe in our or your phantasy? (2010-11-06 16:21):

i wouldn´t only spank her...would do much much more to her :) (2010-11-14 01:05):

anyone for lunch? (2010-11-30 07:58):

iSmaq this (2010-12-26 03:17):

your albums are fantastic thank you very much (2011-07-20 02:06):

Ok so where are the nude pix?

Comments to 'Need A Spanking (30).jpg': (2010-11-08 05:12):

how much?? (2011-03-02 23:57):

ich würde ihr die hose runterziehen und reinstossen

Comments to 'Need A Spanking (34).jpg': (2011-02-06 09:23):

i would like to take a ride on all 4 of u sexie girls

 pimpinshlyuha (2011-12-27 07:27):

four piggies that know their correct position...wonderful! i have a large party of friends that will rush to show them all what they exist for

Comments to 'Need A Spanking (35).jpg': (2011-02-06 09:24):

hot hot hot

Comments to 'Need A Spanking (38).jpg': (2011-01-06 19:37):

Schöner glatter Hosenstoff.

Comments to 'Need A Spanking (41).jpg': (2011-02-06 09:25):

very sexie

Comments to 'Need A Spanking (42).jpg': (2011-02-06 09:26):

love to do all of u sexie girls (2011-07-19 09:08):

I knew what to do with some of those girls (I propose No 7 or No 17).Nickers down and a sound handspanking on their nacked asses.

Comments to 'Need A Spanking (46).jpg':

 brownowl (2011-01-12 20:21):

All naughty girls should get a spanking. A Great selection of pictures. (2011-02-22 11:43):

you`d hold your arse when you get a big fat c0ck stuffed balls deep in it and filling you with hot spunk!!!!!! (2011-11-11 19:32):

lust auf bilder-oder videotausch?

Comments to 'Need A Spanking (50).jpg': (2011-02-06 09:27):

i would love to ride u

Comments to 'Need A Spanking (53).jpg': (2010-11-06 16:23):

oh yes... (2010-12-13 02:36):

skirt up knickers down (2010-12-23 06:46):

Oh man! Now thats what I like to see in my kitchen. Dinner is served!! (2011-02-06 09:28):

wow u r sexie

Comments to 'Need A Spanking (54).jpg': (2011-02-12 17:05):

так бы и трахнул ее (2011-03-15 17:22):

Maybe she's re-adjusting her butt plug? (2011-05-23 04:08):

You can see the outline of her brief. It looks as if it has just been spanked

Comments to 'Need A Spanking (56).jpg': (2010-12-31 04:28):

Hello Panty

Comments to 'Need A Spanking (61).jpg': (2011-01-10 01:30):

great bums to spank (2011-04-26 03:41):

wer die wahl hat hat die qual (2011-09-21 17:59):

sal al 3 pak gee met my harde piel veral die ene op die linker kant (2011-11-11 19:35):

lust auf bilder-oder videotausch?

Comments to 'Need A Spanking (63).jpg': (2011-01-04 02:06):

Der würde ich gerne die Hosen stramm ziehen (2011-01-23 19:15):

Yes dad more!!

Comments to 'Need A Spanking (65).jpg': (2010-12-31 04:30):

The one on the left is amazing.

Comments to 'Need A Spanking (67).jpg': (2010-11-05 15:54):


Comments to 'Need A Spanking (68).jpg': (2010-12-11 05:51):

skirts up knickers down (2010-12-29 23:47):

perfect position for a good spanking (2011-03-15 17:25):

They are wearing shorts so why does the one feel the need to hide? (2011-11-03 06:52):

much better if they were wearing tight white knickers

Comments to 'Need A Spanking (70).jpg': (2010-11-06 16:23):

mhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... (2010-11-14 01:07):

herm tea and supper lovely arm starving (2010-12-31 04:31):

Sleepovers.. Not just a male fantasy. (2011-02-06 09:33):

i would like to be there (2011-11-11 19:36):

lust auf bilder-oder videotausch?
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