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Comments to 'DSC024101.JPG': (2010-10-18 17:29):

hai alina i am gershom nice to meet you i look you photos you very nice so please sent you email id (2010-10-19 01:12):

The parents of these little kids gave permission to post them here? Do they have any idea how most of us are USING these photos?!?

 shoolgirlcarol (2010-10-23 17:14):

Whether they do or not, it's good to see the photos. (2010-10-25 21:57):

My goodness she is pretty. (2010-10-25 22:07):

Yes! I wonder if they know how much we like rubbing our knobs to them............ (2010-11-30 00:26):

she needs to be brutally destroyed with hard men (2010-12-24 22:46):

OF COURSE THESE WERE HACKED ! (2010-12-27 10:18):

lovly kids (2011-12-02 09:39):

She waits til mom and dad are both snoring at night, and then she makes her little brother take her clothes off. When he is done making her naked, she will have him put his finger down his throat and then vomit on her. She loves to take his vomit and rub it around her body with her hands and she even tastes it sometimes.

 lovesfemales (2013-03-17 02:35):

She is a cutie

Comments to 'DSC036412.JPG': (2010-10-15 14:27):

beautiful butt and legs (2010-10-20 13:29):

so ein geiler Arsch,komm lass uns spielen.... (2010-10-29 05:57):

such a perfect love machine (2010-12-25 02:06):

I bet her sweaty, stinky little butthole smells & tastes wonderful!

Comments to 'IMG_0135.jpg': (2010-10-15 14:28):

cute (2010-11-03 04:03):

And then iam the second with my big (2012-09-17 23:22):

Love to eat her pu**y.

Comments to 'P1010050.JPG':

 submuloc (2010-10-15 19:47):

she is a beautiful lil angel!!!

Comments to 'P1010524.JPG': (2011-01-03 21:18):

Like the cutie in blue. (2012-06-03 14:21):

ihre Hose erregt mich, da sieht man die Wichsflecken ganz deutlich!

Comments to 'P1010528.JPG': (2010-10-15 14:30):

4 beauties

 gimma (2010-10-18 18:20):

indeed ! (2010-10-22 01:33):

cute (2011-11-02 00:27):

1,4,2,3 (2012-06-03 14:22):

ja die linke macht mich sehr heiss

Comments to 'Буфер обмена01.jpg':

 submuloc (2010-10-15 19:48):

very tempting lil bride

Comments to 'Изображение 015.jpg': (2010-10-15 14:32):

hot body (2010-10-15 21:32):

I concur (2010-10-26 08:26):

muito gostosa (2011-01-04 18:45):

ready for entry

Comments to 'Изображение 016.jpg': (2010-10-25 22:05):

I'm all for green jobs ;-) (2010-12-26 03:17):

sexy girl

 lovesfemales (2013-03-17 02:37):

She is hot

Comments to 'Изображение 018.jpg': (2012-06-03 14:23):

willst du mich?

Comments to 'Изображение 019.jpg':

 submuloc (2010-10-15 19:50):

cute socks (2010-10-22 01:32):

mmmMMMmmm, perfect pedophile poster child! Yum, yum! (2010-11-30 00:28):

cute girl. needs come squirted on her then photo will be perfect!

 thumper222 (2010-12-31 07:16):

love the socks so much so cute....check out my pics all somments are great (2011-08-17 21:45):

geil die würde ich gerne mal vernaschen

Comments to 'Изображение 020.jpg': (2010-10-15 14:34):

very beautiful (2010-10-26 19:55):

sproing (2010-11-30 00:29):

a young dumpster in the making!! good job!! (2010-12-14 20:08):

schöhne f1ckmaschine (2011-01-12 15:45):

das röckchen reiß ich runter und dann fic.. ich dich du geile kleine sa.. (2011-01-29 19:05):

take the skirt off but leave the rest on (2011-05-18 11:30):

ein geiles fic stück (2011-07-27 04:48):

WHOS 1ST? (2011-08-31 04:12):


Comments to 'DSC00123.JPG':

 submuloc (2010-10-15 19:51):

sexy beauty! (2010-11-04 15:20):

i love your coc-k.

 meis (2012-05-29 16:12):

Traumhaft schön!!!

Comments to 'DSC04065.JPG':

 gerhard100 (2013-01-22 11:36):


Comments to 'DSC04076.JPG':

 submuloc (2010-10-18 21:36):

she looks extraordinary beautiful while wearing this gorgeous dress! (2010-12-25 09:01):

give her a few shots of that vodka on the table and take her back to my room (2012-06-03 14:24):

komm süße ich kletter unter den Tisch und verwöhn dich unter dem Kleid mit meiner Zunge und den Händen!

Comments to 'DSC04080.JPG':

 submuloc (2010-10-18 21:38):

amazing sexy look (2010-10-26 01:11):

ich will sie brutal vergewaltigen und ihren arsch aufreissen (2010-12-09 19:12):

Yes, glad she is properly dressed as a young girl should be in nice dress and hose mr.daviespaul yahoo co uk (2012-06-03 14:25):

die kleinen süßen Tittchen machen mich spritzgeil

Comments to 'DSC04088.JPG':

 submuloc (2010-10-18 21:39):

yummy legs!

Comments to 'DSC04090.JPG':

 submuloc (2010-10-18 21:40):

still more yummy legs ;-)

 ya.mity (2011-01-30 19:28):

Супер девочка!Ножки хороши!Ах-ах! (2012-06-03 14:26):

ich halt das nimmer aus, schnapp sie mir und geh nach oben ins Schlafzimmer. Ich fi>ke sie in ihrem geilen Kleid

Comments to 'DSC04102.JPG': (2010-10-26 07:16):

at 11 she needs to be molested (2011-01-06 02:11):

11 лет а сисички уже торчат (2011-01-16 19:18):

No girl at any age should be molested. That means they don't want it. They should be treated with love and respect and they'll do anything you want.

 ya.mity (2011-01-30 19:29):

Да!А дальше еще больше торчать будут! (2012-06-03 14:27):

jaaaa irre Tittchen, sie ist fertig für den ersten Schwa>z

Comments to 'DSC04103.JPG': (2012-06-03 14:27):

10 jahre und solche schöne erregende Titties!?

Comments to 'DSC04108.JPG':

 submuloc (2010-10-18 21:41):

she is so very stunning hot looking!!! (2010-10-21 04:10):

yes, beautiful girl

Comments to 'DSC04111.JPG': (2010-10-19 16:56):

Nice breasts xx

Comments to 'DSC04112.JPG': (2010-10-19 08:36):


Comments to 'DSC04114.JPG':

 submuloc (2010-10-18 21:42):

a girl to die for!!!

 rubyquartz (2010-11-10 01:50):

This girl is a beauty, are there any pics more recent? (2012-06-03 14:28):

kein Wunder dass ihr papa ständig steif ist

Comments to 'DSC022951.JPG': (2010-11-06 21:49):

Que delicia! (2010-11-11 06:16):


Comments to 'DSC022971.JPG': (2010-12-08 09:26):

very very much (2010-12-25 02:34):


Comments to 'DSC024091.JPG':

 submuloc (2010-10-18 21:43):

this beauty's body is so very hot shaped!

Comments to 'DSC00139.JPG': (2010-10-21 03:41):

Love U 2!

Comments to 'DSC00145.JPG': (2010-11-09 18:52):

That needs porking! (2010-12-25 00:45):

Fap fap......

Comments to 'DSC00170.JPG': (2010-12-26 03:20):

very good girl

Comments to 'DSC00181.JPG':

 anonymous0gl (2013-01-22 08:31):

You want one of your own? Im sure youll make a good mommy. Need a daddy?

Comments to 'DSC00231.JPG': (2010-10-26 04:55):

me gustaria k tarle la bata mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm y cojermela

Comments to 'DSC00232.JPG': (2010-10-21 03:43):

Doctor I propose a breast examination. An enema may follow. (2010-11-21 13:16):

"yes, a warm soapy enema...then mommy you can give to me also an enema"

Comments to 'DSC00284.JPG':

 submuloc (2010-10-20 23:21):

she looks stunning!!! (2010-10-21 04:03):

Two cute chicks!! (2010-10-21 23:11):

i'm so in love x x x (2010-10-25 22:00):

Such pure and natural beauty.

 yungfox2 (2010-11-10 07:01):

Sweet ... (2010-11-26 02:21):

love to facial her (2011-07-22 05:17):

No, no, no, I didn't ask for a duck! (2011-10-29 23:17):

one hot little chick...

Comments to 'DSC00287.JPG': (2010-10-21 03:40):

I would liike o pee inside this pool. (2010-10-26 02:33):

Go ahead they ill enjoy it! (2010-10-26 11:21):

fun with one by one (2010-10-29 21:26):

ich könnt sie so wegbügeln...!! (2010-11-06 22:24):

wichst euch einen sofern ihr noch könnt aber erspart uns die blöden Komentare

 canterbury (2010-12-26 09:23):

Exquisite! (2011-01-16 19:22):

Love to play with her little baby-fat titties.

 lvnggrndpa (2012-04-21 00:38):

mmmm so hot, getting me hard

Comments to 'DSC00322.JPG': (2010-10-21 03:40):

Go ahead!

 super-b (2010-10-26 00:53):

keep uncovering (2010-10-26 04:54):

k rica nena me exita verla (2010-10-26 07:18):

what an amazing body this child has (2010-11-21 20:59):

the pics are great but the quality of them is pretty bad (2010-11-21 20:59):

the pics are great but the quality of them is pretty bad

 ya.mity (2011-01-30 19:32):

Хорошие ляжки

Comments to 'DSC00323.JPG': (2010-10-26 07:18):

was a perfect body, all us p edos will gladly help abuse it (2010-11-07 07:23):

the best scenario I can picture is her between my sheets and me between her legs balls deep and spunking up her cu.nt. (2012-09-15 04:50):

The parents are OK with these pix?

 anonymous0gl (2013-01-22 08:57):

This is a good example of "the best photographic equipment is the one that is available. This photo does not have good detail but it is here for us to enjoy. But it is best to buy the highest quality equipment you can afford.

Comments to 'DSC00449.JPG': (2011-09-20 17:17):

Nice open legs mommy (2011-11-09 19:17):

want to eat them both mmmmmmmmmm

Comments to 'DSC00457.JPG': (2010-10-21 10:52):

sieht schön schwanger aus (2010-12-03 07:20):

dann gleich noch mal rein mit dem schlauch,geiles f1cken (2010-12-08 05:00):

die hätte ich auch gerne geschwängert sie sieht so unerfahren aus!!! (2010-12-25 10:41):

yummy plump ass (2011-08-31 04:14):

i want to fç°é her ass

 lvnggrndpa (2012-04-21 00:39):

beautiful a$$, must taste great too

Comments to 'DSC00458.JPG':

 submuloc (2010-10-20 23:22):

her face and hair are gorgeous (2010-10-26 01:11):

don't know about you, but i like everything i see...woof! (2010-10-26 01:11):

don't know about you, but i love everything about her! (2010-10-29 21:27):

echt sexy frau... und erst 10 geworden!! (2010-11-28 15:10):

wow 10 ist sie erst! (2010-12-03 07:22):

dann weiß sie ja seit 3jahren wie es geht war ja auch mal f1cklehrling

 ya.mity (2011-01-30 19:35):

Низ ее весь созревший! (2011-10-13 20:23):

Me la cojo en todos los idiomas!

 gogi123 (2012-05-20 16:29):


Comments to 'DSC00463.JPG': (2010-10-22 01:29):

Mmmmmmm, she knows exactly what Daddy wants, and she's teasing him...

 canim29 (2010-10-26 11:07):


 flower_13 (2010-10-31 01:14):


 super-b (2010-11-10 00:29):

i am gonna make a mess if i see more of her (2010-11-10 14:22):

geil die kleine (2010-11-10 16:59):

ням ням (2010-11-10 19:32):

sweet little buds (2010-12-03 07:24):

lange genug gekuckt jetz wirt gef1ckt (2010-12-16 01:38):

Oh so lovely!

 nonogood (2010-12-27 20:47):

very lovely little buds (2011-01-14 14:45):

komm ich spiele mit deinen titchen süße (2011-01-16 19:26):

She can come sit on my naked lap and we'll feel each other all over until we both cli*ax.

 dragon79 (2013-01-22 04:05):

nice album :))

Comments to 'DSC00467.JPG':

 submuloc (2010-10-20 23:23):

this pic remembers me on the film "Pretty Baby" (2010-10-26 07:22):

pretty baby with brook shields is when i first fell in love with lil children (2011-07-27 04:51):


Comments to 'DSC00470.JPG':

 alolilicker (2010-10-20 16:01):

just starting (2010-10-20 17:13):

love yellow panties

 submuloc (2010-10-20 23:24):

she is a real angel (2010-10-21 23:13):

she looks like my daughter in this photo (2010-10-22 01:30):

I wonder if she feels like your daughter as well (2010-10-25 22:01):

That would be worth the jail time, my goodness. (2010-10-26 05:17):

nice nip..... (2010-10-26 13:46):

hands down the hottest girl on imgsrc in my eyes. (2011-10-29 05:47):

Those nipples are just begging to be tickled! (2012-05-29 22:33):


Comments to 'DSC00474.JPG': (2010-10-24 03:39):

very nice legs, by the looks of it, very nice feet too! (2011-01-08 14:44):

wil irh füsse lecken (2012-06-03 14:30):

sie sieht so erregend aus...

Comments to 'DSC00475.JPG': (2011-01-02 03:45):

die kleine möchte ich wohl mal vernaschen

Comments to 'DSC00477.JPG':

 submuloc (2010-10-23 01:04):

yes Mommy, you can be very proud of her!

Comments to 'DSC00569.JPG': (2010-12-11 00:20):

Ich hab eine Erektion wegen diesem Biest......

 ya.mity (2011-01-30 19:37):

Платье нужной длины!!!

Comments to 'DSC00574.JPG': (2011-01-16 19:32):

Cute little tit bud just starting to grow. I liked her better in just panties.

Comments to 'DSC00586.JPG':

 ya.mity (2011-01-30 19:38):

И я хочууу!

 gogi123 (2012-05-20 16:28):

видно что папа её любит

Comments to 'DSC00587.JPG': (2010-10-26 05:19):

i'm jealous...she knows what she is getting later....

 hally87today (2010-11-02 02:30):

see it in her eys lol (2010-11-07 07:27):

just looking at her gives me a fat! I`d love to empty my balls deep up her arse.

 gogi123 (2012-05-20 16:27):

папочки спасибо говорит за падарок))

Comments to 'DSC00595.JPG': (2010-11-05 03:19):

like to see her in heals and hose

Comments to 'DSC00598.JPG':

 shoolgirlcarol (2010-10-23 17:46):

These are lovely looking girls. It's hard to pick the best, the girl in the right? She is very attractive and I like her pigtails too! (2010-10-29 21:29):

die jüngste ist auch icht zu verachten... gleich mitmachen lassen bei der orgie!!

Comments to 'DSC00609.JPG': (2010-11-24 13:19):

wow i want her friends and family to watch as i f#ck her for the 1st time

Comments to 'DSC00619.JPG': (2010-10-27 00:08):

She's got the starting of some nice little titties there.

Comments to 'DSC00691.JPG': (2010-10-25 22:10):

omg! I,d love to get my hands on those lovely tits (2010-11-09 19:37):

Sweet little tit buds just starting to grow. Love to take them in my mouth and help them grow. (2010-11-10 19:35):

can you get her naked? (2010-11-12 01:15):

Would you tickle them gently with the hedgehog?

 arschloch10000 (2010-11-12 12:13):

wow hot body have more of her?? trade?? (2010-12-29 17:01):

nice buds!

Comments to 'DSC00692.JPG': (2010-10-25 22:12):

Wonder if her parents know that i just shot a load looking at her (2010-10-26 02:31):

Did you?

Comments to 'DSC00831.JPG': (2010-10-25 17:47):

she also has nice looking legs and very CUTE toes!

Comments to 'DSC00856.JPG': (2010-10-25 17:46):

love her eyes and I love her chest! Someday that chest will be looking super great! (2010-10-25 22:04):

I don't see a flaw on her. (2010-10-26 02:30):

She is really cute (2010-10-26 05:20):

cute dimple

 rubyquartz (2010-10-26 15:59):

Amazing (2010-10-27 00:10):

What we've been waiting for........Those titties have drained a few bollocks already! (2010-10-29 13:39):

lecker (2010-11-05 00:23):

wham bam thank you little girl (2010-11-09 18:55):

I want to cover that chest in fap-juice! (2010-11-12 01:17):

Her best picture so far, makes her almost seem here! Beautiful! (2010-12-03 07:28):

und nach dem tee noch ein schneller f1ck ehe es in die schuhle geht (2010-12-08 05:08):

die würde ich nie mehr zur schule schicken und immer nur noch fi-ck-en!!!! täglich brutale kinder pornos drehen!!! (2010-12-14 20:15):

oh ja,wann gehts los,richtiges rudelf1cken,vileicht hat sie ja noch eine kleine freundin (2010-12-16 09:35):

o la em casa (2010-12-25 11:30):

aaaaa (2010-12-31 17:17):

bödde seig mir deine spalte ich mach sie sir voll mit sahne (2011-01-12 15:48):

schön an den Nippeln saugen während mein finger ihre Fot..bearbeitet und wenn sie zittert bekommt sie meine Sahne. (2011-02-02 19:29):

que bom que os pais autorizam a publicação das fotos de suas vadias pra punheta nossa de cada dia já que não podemos ter elas na nossa cama, temos em nossos monitores e em nossas fantasias........

 gerhard100 (2013-01-22 11:38):

echt süss

Comments to 'DSC00857.JPG': (2011-01-29 19:08):

on my face or t*ts (2011-02-02 19:30):

queria muito ser chupado por ela e lhe dar leitinho quente na boca

Comments to 'DSC00899.JPG':

 submuloc (2010-10-25 22:40):

she has so stunning long hair

 ya.mity (2011-01-30 20:30):

Спасибо за показ такой аппетитной девочки!

Comments to 'DSC00900.JPG': (2011-01-13 15:30):

mir kommts schon wieder...

Comments to 'DSC00901.JPG':

 super-b (2010-11-10 00:21):

i think i would love to have her help me unload

 ya.mity (2011-01-30 20:32):

Аппетитные ляжки (2011-02-02 19:31):

to batendo uma pra vc nenem gostoso (2011-07-23 18:25):

would love to strip her down and fill her up. (2012-09-07 07:58):

bate punheta

Comments to 'DSC00906.JPG': (2010-11-14 15:13):

i call next on the foot job

Comments to 'DSC00907.JPG':

 lovetights (2010-12-14 08:46):


Comments to 'DSC00910.JPG': (2010-12-08 05:00):

i got pics and vids to trade if u do...onlygirlz4me (2010-12-25 06:10):

any of her in a diaper

Comments to 'DSC00938.JPG': (2010-11-10 17:00):

Класные плавочки (2010-11-24 13:16):

id have to kneel behind her , slide her bikini off and f#ck her over the table , pushing my finger up her anus

 ya.mity (2011-01-30 20:34):

Да плавочки очень хороши! (2011-02-02 19:34):

que gostoso, adoro punhetar vendo essas delicias

Comments to 'DSC00948.JPG': (2010-10-31 00:56):

Great picture (2010-11-14 15:12):

lets see how much of that bottle you can put inside your twat (2011-02-02 19:35):

oh meu amor, vc aqui comigo ia gozar tão gostoso (2011-07-22 05:20):


Comments to 'DSC00959.JPG': (2010-11-05 00:25):

shake it up baby twist and do me (2010-11-06 18:42):

Yes, I like the mother! (2010-11-09 19:42):

Both should be topless.

 barney83 (2010-11-10 00:37):

I want to see them do each other! (2010-11-24 13:17):

id love to see the little girl fist f#ck her mother

 ya.mity (2011-01-30 20:37):

Обоих можно ложить рядом!!! (2011-02-02 19:37):

é pra escolher, lógico que escolho a pequena, me dá mais tesao

Comments to 'DSC00960.JPG': (2010-11-05 00:27):

do the hooky pokie and take it all off (2010-11-14 15:10):

I want to see them 69

Comments to 'DSC00961.JPG': (2010-10-29 21:32):

ich nehm die tochter in allen variationen...!!

 super-b (2010-11-03 00:56):

both have me strokin (2010-11-12 10:00):

both are hot and made me c*u*m would love to do both at the same time what a 3 way (2012-06-03 14:33):

icch nehm die mama und dann tauschen wir! Ok?

Comments to 'DSC00970.JPG': (2010-11-15 08:04):

sexy (2010-11-23 00:16):

she needs a l_i_c_king (2010-12-11 00:16):

Tolles scharfes Mädchen!!!! (2010-12-16 01:46):


 ya.mity (2011-01-30 20:39):

Хорошие плавочки (2011-07-27 04:54):


Comments to 'DSC00971.JPG': (2010-11-06 18:41):

Yes Yes Yes

 super-b (2010-11-10 00:17):

very strokeable (2010-12-08 05:15):

jaaa ich will sind hart reiten... tief in den arsch... (2010-12-14 20:22):

wir solten aber die kleine kinderspalte dabei nicht vergessen,auch der mund ist süss (2010-12-25 09:14):

i would eat her out right there on the steps in front of her mother

 meis (2012-05-29 16:15):

Eine kleine Göttin

Comments to 'DSC00982.JPG': (2010-12-14 20:25):

sie hatt sich für uns so schöhn gemacht,nun last sie nicht so lange warten,f1ckt sie

Comments to 'DSC01008.JPG':

 submuloc (2010-10-31 04:15):

beautiful angel (2011-01-09 12:17):

needs a good shaging

Comments to 'DSC01089.JPG':

 submuloc (2010-10-31 04:17):

sexy top

Comments to 'DSC01098.JPG':

 submuloc (2010-10-31 04:18):

stunning cutie

Comments to 'DSC01032.JPG':

 submuloc (2010-11-03 23:05):

two pretty angels! (2010-12-14 20:28):

da ist ja auch die kl. freundin zum rudelf1cken,fehlt nur noch der kameramann

 oldjim1974 (2013-04-15 18:16):

two lovely angels

Comments to 'DSC01038.JPG': (2011-08-07 04:40):

Like those wool tights on kids.

 ejccalifornia (2012-11-14 03:45):

The baby says, "Stop lookin' at me and take a long stare at her ass."

Comments to 'DSC01074.JPG': (2010-11-09 20:15):


Comments to 'DSC01097.JPG':

 submuloc (2010-11-03 23:07):

she looks like the perfect princess

Comments to 'DSC01099.JPG':

 submuloc (2010-11-03 23:07):

her top is so awesome sexy!

Comments to 'DSC01274.JPG': (2010-11-04 06:42):

beautiful eyes! (2010-11-14 15:16):

after your done getting clean, i want to make you real dirty (2010-12-25 15:44):

dont need a bath next time. Ill wash you with my tongue

 gogi123 (2012-05-20 16:25):

а головку почему не моем

Comments to 'DSC01275.JPG':

 skylbird500 (2010-11-14 20:06):

very pretty... (2010-11-23 00:19):

make room for me... (2010-12-14 20:30):

und nach dem f1cken wird gebadet,oder davor?

Comments to 'DSC01543.JPG':

 submuloc (2010-11-03 23:09):


 lovetights (2010-11-04 19:59):

sexy blue socks.. more? (2010-12-12 17:52):

This girl could wear a burlap sack covered in sh*t and still be beautiful. (2011-11-13 21:14):

True but can we just say NO to scat?

Comments to 'DSC01843.JPG': (2010-11-04 06:41):

oh my, nice body! (2010-11-10 01:11):

Hmmmmm finger tip bruises on her thighs..... hmmmmmm (2010-12-13 02:25):

yes, she needs a firm grip to make full use of her body

Comments to 'DSC01874.JPG':

 submuloc (2010-11-03 23:10):

a yummy lil body (2010-11-12 01:31):

And I love red...

Comments to 'DSC01883.JPG': (2010-12-24 22:35):

Well, Hello Kitty!!!

 beagkev (2012-07-12 04:00):

lovely girl

Comments to 'DSC01884.JPG': (2010-11-05 00:32):

Hello Kitty ...let me pet the kitty that water drops or is that jizzim on her leg

Comments to 'DSC01941.JPG': (2012-06-03 14:35):

Süße, so machst du selbst deinen Papa geil

Comments to 'DSC01965.JPG': (2010-12-24 22:21):

Beautiful girl with a beautiful body. (2012-06-03 14:36):

ein schöner offener Schrritt hat die Kleine

Comments to 'DSC01968.JPG':

 super-b (2010-11-10 00:33):

just take it off and show me where u want it (2010-12-20 20:46):

geiler schlitz (2010-12-25 03:47):

zu schön die kleine

Comments to 'DSC01975.JPG': (2010-11-12 01:35):

Rather phallic.... I like that!

Comments to 'DSC02011.JPG': (2010-11-06 18:40):

Very nice, wish could see more! (2010-11-09 19:52):

Interesting way to wear a top. Maybe I can help her get it straightened out.......or off. (2010-11-21 16:47):

She's wearing the top upside down...and it's driving me crazy! (2010-12-13 02:26):

how kissable is that tummy

Comments to 'DSC02079.JPG': (2010-11-18 03:27):

her best picture yet very good shot (2012-06-03 14:37):

oh mann

Comments to 'DSC02080.JPG': (2011-09-18 10:55):

gehst anschaffen,was kostet eine stunde f1cken bei dir? (2012-06-03 14:38):

200 €

 gerhard100 (2013-01-22 11:39):

tolles bild

Comments to 'DSC02085.JPG':

 submuloc (2010-11-05 00:58):

very hot looking in this skirt

Comments to 'DSC02086.JPG': (2010-11-10 00:47):

Mum, your girl was very obedient on the beach, she listen me word by word and didn't do nothing else that I've told her, I am very pleased and she is too! I've show her the moon, and we sit together on the beach, but now she is really wet and must change her pants!

Comments to 'DSC02091.JPG':

 submuloc (2010-11-05 00:59):

so hot! (2012-06-03 14:39):

ja, da vergisst man einfach dass sie noch ein Kind ist und Kolben schwillt bei ihrem Anblick sofort an!

Comments to 'DSC02108.JPG': (2010-11-10 00:49):

tasty peach!

Comments to 'DSC02182.JPG':

 submuloc (2010-11-09 01:38):

Men's darling! (2011-11-13 21:10):

The Siren's call.

Comments to 'DSC02183.JPG': (2011-01-06 02:25):

симпатичная полосочка на полосатых плавочках

Comments to 'DSC02187.JPG': (2011-01-06 02:26):

фигурка секси

 bootsmann (2011-11-27 14:06):

This photo was taken in 2010. And now she goes to the military college.

Comments to 'DSC02188.JPG': (2011-09-18 10:56):

f1cken auf dem spielplatz,geil

 bootsmann (2011-09-18 14:52):

News for all - Alina came to study at the War College! )))

Comments to 'DSC02189.JPG': (2010-11-28 23:35):

Kann der BH nicht mal rutschen? Sind sicher tolle Kindertittchen drunter (2010-12-14 20:34):

reis ihn doch runter sie wartet doch drauf (2010-12-24 22:21):

Her beauty is so fine. (2010-12-25 04:02):

i see lots of fun with her!! (2011-12-14 03:13):

I like to play with her on the beach

Comments to 'DSC02210.JPG': (2010-11-08 02:13):

I still think she's the hottest little I'd seen. (2010-11-10 17:01):

А что она прикрывает то? Титик то нету ))) (2010-11-24 13:12):

id lay her on the beach and make love to her anus (2010-12-10 23:26):

hot (2010-12-12 17:49):

I've never seen a more sexy tummy, she is beautiful (2010-12-13 03:32):

den schlitz auslecken (2010-12-14 20:36):

ist die süss,sich dicht hinter sie stellen,und rein das ding (2010-12-24 22:22):

Sigh. . . (2010-12-24 22:33):

Love the camel toe!! (2011-02-02 19:45):

vc deve ter a bucetinha mais linda do mundo... gostaria de experimentar....... (2011-09-18 10:58):

komm tiefer ins wasser,da können wir f1cken,ohne das mama was merkt (2011-11-13 21:07):

Dad should contact Fame Girls. Sandra and Ella are getting long in the tooth and this girl is money in the bank.

Comments to 'DSC02319.JPG': (2011-08-17 21:31):

geil bei dem anblick denke ich nur noch an eins: harten geilen sex mit ihr (2012-06-03 14:41):

Du Sau, mir geht es ebenso!

Comments to 'DSC02320.JPG': (2010-11-09 20:24):


Comments to 'DSC02321.JPG': (2010-11-12 01:43):

She may be a sun worshipper, but I suggest that the sun may be worshippong her too! C'bury. (2010-12-09 16:16):

what an amazingly sexy little body (2010-12-24 22:23):

Agree with both comments above.

Comments to 'DSC02322.JPG':

 gimma (2010-11-10 12:32):

if she walks down the beacht, guys are smelting..... (2011-10-13 20:30):

... or smelling...

Comments to 'DSC02330.JPG':

 submuloc (2010-11-10 00:44):

so very dreamful long hair!!!

 gimma (2010-11-10 17:35):

bootsmann: do you eventually know, how old this beauty is ? she is a real beach attraction !!

 gimma (2010-11-10 18:35):

thanks, boostmann. thats a very beautiful 11y old girl !! very beautiful !

 gimma (2010-11-10 18:39):

bootsmann, is she aware of her beauty or don't she realize it ? do you have a idea ?

 bootsmann (2010-11-10 19:28):

I think she is quite aware of its beauty. When I talked to her, she said that boys at school for her constant nagging. This is not an indicator? Remember, as you behaved at school, because in your class were nice girls, right? )))

 gimma (2010-11-10 19:50):

absolutely :-) I can understand every boy in her class ))

 canterbury (2010-11-12 01:48):

Yes.... that glorious hair! (2011-02-02 19:43):

amor, vc me dá uma vontade de meter selvagemente

Comments to 'DSC02331.JPG':

 submuloc (2010-11-10 00:45):

she must be the beach star (2010-11-11 04:06):

nine body ........

Comments to 'DSC02332.JPG':

 submuloc (2010-11-10 00:47):

a very gorgeous girlie (2010-11-10 08:11):

yuck, fatty in the background

 canterbury (2010-11-12 01:49):

Lovely pose! (2010-12-25 15:49):

i am so horny from her

 ya.mity (2011-01-30 20:47):


Comments to 'DSC02334.JPG':

 gimma (2010-11-10 12:32):

I am sure there were a lot of guys at this beach looking at her !!!

 bootsmann (2010-11-10 12:50):

Boys do not really pay attention to it. It drew attention mainly adult males, as I thought ..

 gimma (2010-11-10 17:32):

I am wondering if she realized, that she takes the attention of some adult males.... she also could be flattered about that....

 canterbury (2010-11-12 01:51):

She knows who's looking! And I agree, boys her age don't yet appreciate beauty.

Comments to 'DSC02336.JPG': (2012-06-03 14:42):

14 Tage am gleichen Strand wie sie und ich würde zum "mädchenschän>er werden!

Comments to 'DSC02338.JPG':

 submuloc (2010-11-10 22:58):

her new friend? (2010-11-18 03:35):

we know where that missing hand is now dont we...thumper222 (2011-02-02 19:52):

aí, libera a gostosinha pra gente tambem........

 gogi123 (2012-05-20 16:24):

папа дастоёт))

 gerhard100 (2013-01-22 11:41):


Comments to 'DSC02339.JPG':

 gerhard100 (2013-01-22 11:40):

nice picture

Comments to 'DSC02342.JPG': (2010-12-13 02:28):

bet he is rock hard wanting her (2010-12-20 10:39):

wie oft hatt er sie schon gef1ckt? (2012-06-03 14:43):

papa hat sie bestimmt schon abgeritten wenn mama weg war

Comments to 'DSC02357.JPG': (2010-11-24 13:10):

id love to slide my hand into her bikini and the other inside her top and play with her till she was moist enough to f#ck (2010-12-12 17:46):

simply flawless (2010-12-13 03:27):

schön in schlitzz (2010-12-24 22:23):

WOW!!! (2011-02-02 19:50):

a molecada deve ficar toda em cima

 gerhard100 (2013-01-22 11:41):

very nice little girl

 daddysgirls69 (2013-02-05 01:23):


Comments to 'DSC02358.JPG':

 gimma (2010-11-10 17:34):

It once comes the time, when mom must realize that men aren't looking at her anymore, but at her daughter......

 super-b (2010-11-11 01:41):

i would do both

 canterbury (2010-11-12 01:55):

Mom has long known that men appreciate, nay even covet, her daughter!

 canterbury (2010-11-12 01:58):

Nice album Bootsman, beautifll girl! Thank you. (2010-12-25 15:51):

im only excited about the sweet litle one. (2011-02-02 19:48):

só a pequena me deu tesao tambem, maior tesao seria come-la na frente da mãe dela.... (2012-06-03 14:44):

hmm.. kann papa ein bischen verstehen wenn er auf seine Kkeine geiler ist als auf seine Frau

 gerhard100 (2013-01-22 11:42):

nice picture

Comments to 'DSC02359.JPG':

 nonogood (2010-12-27 20:43):

stroking for both

 ya.mity (2011-01-30 20:50):

Отличное фото-секси! (2012-06-03 14:45):

die alte geht garantiert auch ab wie die Feuerwehr (2012-09-04 01:25):

der alten 200 Euro geben um zu shoppen, währenddessen babysitte ich die Kleine....Zuerst ausziehen, dann überall streicheln und lecken und blasen lassen. Den Saft in den Mund spritzen, danach anal und vaginal einreiten.

 gerhard100 (2013-01-22 11:43):


Comments to 'DSC02360.JPG': (2010-12-12 17:45):

Alina is simply breath taking. (2010-12-20 10:41):

mutti geh eis holen,wir f1cken in der zeit deine tochter

 gogi123 (2012-05-20 16:23):

видно что хорошая девочка

 meis (2012-05-29 16:16):

Ich hätte sie gerne beide zusammen (2012-06-03 14:46):

ja wenn ich mir vorstelle wie die Kleine mich reitet währen mama auf meinem Gesicht sitzt... herrlich

Comments to 'DSC02389.JPG': (2012-06-03 14:47):

fic>ken, fic>ken... spritzen. Dieses kleine verdammte Luder weis wie sie die Rie>men hart kriegt

Comments to 'DSC02399.JPG': (2012-06-03 14:48):

sie macht für ihren papa eine Modeschau

Comments to 'DSC02400.JPG':

 gimma (2010-11-19 15:22):

and she knows that we all are smelting...... (2012-06-03 14:49):

Na papa, gefalle ich dir so?

Comments to 'DSC02401.JPG': (2012-06-03 14:49):

ja tanz weiter meine Süße, ich bin schon ganz steif geworden.

Comments to 'DSC02402.JPG':

 gerhard100 (2013-01-22 11:44):

little model

Comments to 'DSC02823.JPG': (2010-11-20 13:29):

Thank you, tis the best album on this site to me. :)

Comments to 'DSC03415.JPG':

 submuloc (2010-11-20 20:12):

Oh my,, I wanna feel and kiss her hosed legs

 lovetights (2013-01-21 23:17):

sexy pantyhose girl

Comments to 'DSC03416.JPG': (2012-06-03 14:51):

Wann geht Papa endlich mit mir hoch in mein Zimmer? (2012-06-03 14:51):

Wann geht Papa endlich mit mir hoch in mein Zimmer?

Comments to 'DSC03670.JPG': (2010-11-23 18:55):

the young one needs to be f*cked very hard all night long, the middle one needs to be gang banged, the older one i'm afraid is a bit old for me lol

Comments to 'DSC03698.JPG':

 submuloc (2010-11-20 20:15):

so hot looking in her blue shirt (2012-06-03 14:51):

geil sieht das aus!

Comments to 'DSC03729.JPG': (2012-06-03 14:51):

zum anspritzen geil die Süße!

 pusti (2013-01-30 20:19):

ohja sie ist so schoen ich bin gerade voll heiß und staune sie erregt an ...sie ist fast zu schoen um als wixxvorlage zu dienen..leber würde ich sie verwöhnen und sie lecken bis ihre schamlippchen anfangen zu schwellen und zu zucken

Comments to 'DSC03738.JPG': (2012-06-03 14:52):

bittte ich will beide!!!

 pusti (2013-01-30 20:20):

mir reicht die linke ...ich kanns kaum noch zurück halten omg

 frank5555 (2013-10-25 00:09):

this skirt looks great

Comments to 'DSC03739.JPG': (2012-06-03 14:52):

Mama und dich zusammen!

Comments to 'DSC03910.JPG':

 submuloc (2010-12-13 04:59):

her body is so yummy! (2011-12-29 14:42):

Yes...I tore it up on the first page...shoulda waited!!! HOT!

 gerhard100 (2013-01-22 11:44):


Comments to 'DSC03942.JPG': (2010-12-08 05:20):

i love you so hard... im a pedostar!!!

 submuloc (2010-12-13 05:00):

what sweet lil boobies she has

 bootsmann (2011-11-27 14:04):

Alina is now studying at military college ...

 bootsmann (2011-11-27 14:35):

No, we continue to correspond and communicate with her parents.

 bootsmann (2011-11-28 01:54):

New photos will be. And I do not write in the mail because they do not sell and do not place an online photo of limited distribution, sorry ... (2012-06-03 14:53):

wunderschöne titties

 oldjim1974 (2013-04-15 18:12):

indead, lovely titties, love to see more

Comments to 'DSC03947.JPG':

 gimma (2010-12-08 12:38):

she is awesome !

 submuloc (2010-12-13 05:00):

yes she is! A girl to die for! (2010-12-25 11:32):


Comments to 'DSC03949.JPG':

 submuloc (2010-12-13 05:01):

a perfect body!

Comments to 'DSC03968.JPG':

 submuloc (2010-12-13 05:03):

would like to feel her sexy ribs

Comments to 'DSC03971.JPG': (2010-12-07 21:15):

und jetzt von hinten (2011-08-17 21:28):

ja bleib so dann reiss ich dir dein höschen runter und f*ck dich von hinten in deine kleine geile muschi (2012-07-13 21:37):

wil je poesje vanachteren nemen

Comments to 'DSC03972.JPG':

 gimma (2010-12-08 12:37):

what an eyecatcher she is !!

 submuloc (2010-12-13 05:04):

yes, she is absolutely!

 moa1980 (2010-12-21 22:42):

very nice :) (2011-01-28 00:16):

da könnte man was draus (mit) machen

 ya.mity (2011-01-30 20:53):

Села как надо!

 rathole (2011-06-30 05:30):

thanks for sharing this album. I would like to see more of Alina (2011-12-29 14:47):

Indeed. Thanks for sharing this lovely girl!!!!

Comments to 'DSC03982.JPG':

 lovetights (2013-01-21 23:17):

sweet girl

 gerhard100 (2013-01-22 11:45):

very nice girl

Comments to 'DSC04048.JPG': (2011-06-12 12:01):

hang around with me and my friends,four at once won't seem so impressive... (2012-06-03 14:55):

ich sehe wie sie sie sich innerlich nach einer solchen Füllung zwischen ihren beinen sehnt

Comments to 'DSC04049.JPG': (2010-12-27 23:49):

U dont have to be a mindreader.... :P

 oldjim1974 (2013-04-15 18:09):

she's sexy and love her body

Comments to 'DSC04050.JPG':

 canterbury (2010-12-26 07:40):

Nice additions Mr B, she's still lovely! She looks positively triumphant with those skewered sausages... I think I'll keep my distance!! (2012-06-03 14:56):

ja, ja, schau nur meiner ist viel größer
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