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Comments to 'GDN_021.jpg': (2009-11-13 07:23):

the one on the right is lovely (2009-11-27 05:16):

yes the left is verry lovly.but i want too take they together. (2010-09-03 01:31):

i'd love have them too

Comments to 'GDN_020.jpg': (2010-04-10 23:33):

up yours, and up mine hard please (2010-09-03 01:36):

sexy legs

Comments to 'Home_112.jpg': (2009-11-27 18:48):

Say ahhhh. (2010-03-09 09:03):

let it go now (2010-04-10 23:32):

horney (2010-09-03 01:41):

i'd make love to her (2010-10-18 01:34):

herrliche wichsvorlage , qp

 brownowl (2011-02-14 20:43):

Nice legs on her.

Comments to 'GDN_017.jpg': (2009-11-19 11:07):

your right doll, you are #1 (2009-11-22 19:56):

Super cette petite,jeune et belle comme je les (2009-12-11 20:33):

actually I think your two thumbs up,baby.

 enjoyher (2010-01-21 22:47):

very nice (2010-03-13 10:00):


 boysboysboys5 (2010-03-27 01:06):

where is THAT playground??????

 nereidlover (2010-07-27 15:57):

any remote village in Brazil countryside she's willing to escape from in order to enjoy the advantages of a big city on the seaside. She's got an edge, her thinny body already knows some pole dance moves. (2010-09-03 01:34):


 mamamama (2011-12-02 17:52):

magrelinha show

Comments to 'GDN_019.jpg': (2009-11-19 11:09):

wolf pak

 magik.s (2009-12-15 01:39):

Twix multipack! (2010-01-22 17:51):

Buffet! (2010-09-11 04:11):


Comments to 'GDN_023.jpg': (2009-11-19 11:13):

ok daddy iam ready (2009-12-11 04:19):

when's it going to squirt Uncle (2010-03-09 09:02):

can i have it all (2010-03-30 15:53):

smile cos I am about to com in yoiur mouth (2010-04-10 21:51):

In the mouth or all over my little friend? (2010-04-10 21:51):

In the mouth or all over my little friend? (2010-09-03 01:43):

very sexy (2010-11-12 11:16):


Comments to 'PG_02.jpg': (2010-06-04 00:42):

bouncing on the dildos make me feel funny Daddy

Comments to 'PG_03.jpg': (2009-11-18 05:48):

is three months pregnant with our child (2009-11-18 07:59):

May I ride too? (2010-03-13 19:34):

gotten used to kissing frogs (2010-03-30 15:46):

Had enough of this one ,can I try yours? It looks a lot harder than this one. Will it make a mess of my tummy? (2010-06-04 00:40):

mount up behind me Daddy

 nereidlover (2010-07-27 16:04):

a French speciality (2010-08-19 05:57):

wish i was that frog (2010-09-03 01:27):


Comments to 'GDN_029.jpg': (2009-12-11 13:15):

look good hanging with a rope round her neck

 nereidlover (2009-12-11 21:38):

We can imagine any kind of torture-ground instead, would be so nice, making her having her first orgasm this way, then she surely be addicted to adults sadistic games and will never look back to usual playgrounds (2010-03-19 03:46):

Kiss her feets

Comments to 'PG_031.jpg': (2010-03-30 15:48):

I want to put my tush on yours cos its hot and feels nice

 trainer69 (2010-05-28 02:37):

I'd be grinning like that shark too!

Comments to 'PG_04.jpg': (2010-03-13 19:35):

mmmm her with a strap on (2010-04-10 23:31):

should be the other way round. can I do it? (2010-09-03 01:28):

i'd do her ass

Comments to 'AvatarPlayground.jpg':

 tatanana (2010-03-25 17:34):

tenho novas fotinhos (2010-10-26 05:18):

I think only the first pic in each set tends to be this small. Still, a pity.

 nereidlover (2010-10-26 14:41):

Actually theses are thumbnail square pics, chosen as the album's picture. Can have more than one if changed once. Quite always, don't have any larger pic available, kind of "waste" photos, useless except as a thumbnail. "Girl" wouldn't imply any definite age range.

Comments to 'PG_016.jpg': (2010-01-22 18:30):

perfect little girl butt (2010-03-14 23:57):

Willst du auch mit meinen Baellen spielen? (2010-03-18 16:18):

her perky round little behind is delicious (2010-05-28 23:07):

a great little body for her age

 bigdaddyglover (2010-06-18 16:21):

she looks like she wants to have her hands tied to the net and have a great spanking...hmmm, just what it looks like to me. (2010-06-28 08:35):

up dat ass i would be... perfect little butt to plant my seed... (2010-09-03 01:45):

love to finger her little ass (2010-09-30 03:54):

looks like hes trying to score too

 bobchristo (2012-12-02 22:36):

its baby... don't abuse babies.

Comments to 'PG_018.jpg': (2010-09-03 01:47):

hot and sexy

 gimma (2011-09-25 11:50):

great bodys !!

 nereidlover (2011-09-25 18:03):

and no wonder they're tight and firm, may they keep them for years

Comments to 'PG_019.jpg': (2010-09-03 01:49):

they would really sexy naked

 largnblak (2011-12-16 21:41):

hmmm. just imagine their bloa.ted bellies :P

 nereidlover (2012-04-10 19:05):

Many thanks Lol, just like them, we jump at girls beauty

Comments to 'PG_020.jpg':

 8o88o8 (2010-05-14 01:17):

mmm...flying hair (2010-09-03 01:51):

wow spread legs

 brownowl (2011-02-14 20:49):

Great album thanks for posting.

 nereidlover (2011-02-14 21:15):

Thanks very much for loving them

Comments to 'PG_021.jpg': (2009-12-18 02:01):

Then I had to open up really wide like this... (2010-03-09 09:04):

i'm ready daddy

 rupertos (2010-06-24 18:54):

nice (2010-06-28 09:03):

diamond in her belly button means only one thing... This girl is fu@king.... (2010-09-03 01:53):

so do i

 nereidlover (2012-04-10 19:07):

Was a good one, I'd offer her a tongue piercing then

 nereidlover (2012-04-10 19:09):

Tell her it's good for making them shining brighter

Comments to 'PG_022.jpg': (2009-12-11 19:22):

darf ich mit spielen (2009-12-23 09:44):

Ich höre sie quitschen beim pfählen.

 xxmurfy (2010-01-22 05:14):

i'd like to jump on that! ;) (2010-06-16 00:12):

quietschen beim pfählen wie säue beim metzger oder was?

 lovethyniece (2010-06-24 08:47):

wow! very sexy. Wish the pic was in full size. (2010-06-24 20:03):

DO WANT! NOW! (2010-06-25 04:19):

essa mulekinha do meio eu chupava ela ater,ela mijar na minha boca ^^ (2010-09-03 01:54):

i'd love to fu*k all 3 of them (2010-10-03 09:11):

hey they are nice

Comments to 'PG_023.jpg': (2010-09-03 01:56):


Comments to 'PG_025.jpg': (2010-09-03 01:57):

lose the boy

Comments to 'PG_026.jpg': (2010-03-09 09:04):

you can be next after daddy

 8o88o8 (2010-05-14 01:18):

fun to leap of the swing (2010-09-03 01:59):

she's got a very sexy body

 nereidlover (2012-04-10 18:59):

She was afraid of getting it the wrong way, next try is the good

Comments to 'PG_032.jpg':

 8o88o8 (2010-05-14 01:24):

everyone sits on the bison (2010-05-25 09:35):

lol, what kind of observation is that?

 nereidlover (2010-05-25 15:16):

Bisons have a strong smell

 8o88o8 (2010-05-27 21:39):

The bronze has been polished shiny, sitting on top of the bison, and touching the pointy horns.

Comments to 'PG_027.jpg':

 bobchristo (2012-12-02 22:38):

That's great again.

Comments to 'PG_028.jpg': (2010-06-04 00:43):

ride the fin doll

Comments to 'PG_029.jpg':

 8o88o8 (2010-05-14 01:32):

:[ ___ The best girl has a hidden face.

Comments to 'PG_030.jpg':

 nereidlover (2011-02-07 13:14):

A 10s movie of her balancing her tits would have been much better than a thousand pics. Then I'd love having her firmly ropped to the ladder for a harsh belt flogging, before taking her back to her room, still naked

Comments to 'PG_034.jpg': (2010-09-18 01:36):

nice slip

Comments to 'PG_037.jpg': (2010-05-25 09:36):

the girl in the middle is sooo slender & yummy :)

 gimma (2011-09-25 11:50):

they know that guys already look at them !

 nereidlover (2011-09-25 18:03):

...and perhaps girls too

 gimma (2011-09-25 19:17):

who loves beauty MUST look at them ! female or male :-)

Comments to 'PG_039.jpg':

 8o88o8 (2010-05-14 01:36):

Children up to 12 years

Comments to 'PG_041.jpg':

 gimma (2011-09-25 11:48):

yes girls, you all defenitely have great legs !

 nereidlover (2011-09-25 18:06):

legs so sweet indeed. Imagining playing with them at night mmmmm

 gimma (2011-09-25 19:22):

wondering how old they are and if they already have a boyfriend....

Comments to 'PG_042.jpg':

 8o88o8 (2010-05-14 01:38):

lego soldier? (2010-11-22 08:24):

its called playmobil. playmobil´s boss might LOVE this picture as I do. anyway, playmobil comes from my neighboor-village zirndorf, in Germany.

Comments to 'PG_043.jpg':

 nereidlover (2012-04-10 18:49):

Mummy teaches them, Brazilian girls either are sl*ts or they are quite prude. Not as hot as may seems.

Comments to 'PG_044.jpg': (2010-03-19 03:50):

She is so cute. (2010-03-30 15:50):

you really should pack up smoking and take up cokk sukking instead (2010-04-10 23:37):

can I take you home? (2010-05-22 17:33):

süsses Spielzeug

 nereidlover (2010-06-18 17:04):

Have a thorough look at the pic : she's already using the doll's feet and legs. Please don't guillotine the doll, head will be of some use later on

 lovethetinygirls (2012-08-26 13:22):


Comments to 'PG_045.jpg':

 nereidlover (2010-06-24 15:18):

I do apologize, what I lack most is... time!!!

 rupertos (2010-06-24 18:52):


Comments to 'PG_046.jpg':

 chriss58 (2011-11-03 01:15):


Comments to 'PG_044.jpg':

 niceguy112156 (2011-11-26 08:28):

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