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Comments to '000_0787.jpg': (2009-07-17 02:04):

I adore sissy boys

 abdl (2009-07-19 20:50):

I love your pics, do you have any more? (2009-09-16 18:10):

he should get his legs out like the cutie in pic 3 or the sweetie on the chair (2009-09-18 18:20):

Love to have him as a cheerleader for my team (2009-10-19 18:56):

i bet she just looked if he has used his diaper, he is wearing under the skirt.

 detonator1 (2009-10-27 10:31):

i have one of me in

 fm654321 (2009-11-21 15:55):

I'm a siisy boy to (2010-07-21 19:04):

i'm a sissy also check out my albums i'm sexy cutebootie33 (2010-07-25 08:17):

ze geeft hem op zijn billetjes (2011-01-15 23:36):

Wish he would be totally feminized with male hormone blockers & estrogen tities on a boy are the best (2011-01-28 14:42):

I`m a sissy tranny and these pics have made me soooo wet! (2011-05-08 14:09):

my little bro is a sissy boy he is so adorable (2011-09-22 14:24):

it is cute, but the denim mini skirt the girl is wearing would look even cuter on him instead of that cheerleading uniform. he needs to show off his legs and wear that girl's mini skirt

Comments to '1031d.jpg':

 eigel (2009-10-08 17:31):


 katiebug237 (2009-11-08 22:42):

Yes (2010-04-03 14:53):


 pigtails (2010-08-12 07:03):

10! (2011-01-15 23:49):

male hormone blockers & estrogen for this sissy boy (2011-01-15 23:51):

male hormone blockers & estrogen for this sissy boy (2011-01-15 23:58):

male hormone blockers & estrogen for this sissy boy (2011-01-23 22:26):

How do you know he is a boy?? do you know him? can you get a few more pictures of him? (2011-03-15 09:40):


Comments to '279659417_32ddfeaecb_o.jpg': (2009-08-01 23:50):

Cute kid =P (2009-09-16 22:46):

wish his shoes were off I'd Be SMELLING THOSE FEET!!! (2009-09-18 17:15):

yes- would love to see him in pink lace panties and red lipstick

 gerardofauno (2009-09-18 21:05):

la bellezza e la grazia non ha sesso (2009-12-20 22:11):

lindo, eu adoro menininhos usando roupas de meninas (2010-03-11 21:03):

little boys in lingerie are HOT! keep em coming! (2011-01-15 23:41):

keep this sissy in dresses & away from puberty with male hormone blockers & estrogen (2011-01-16 00:14):

is he on male hormone blockers & estrogen yet?

Comments to '525756954_b68fe39549_o.jpg': (2009-09-18 17:13):

hope he wears his sisters panties (2009-11-10 05:57): too, for a hood

Comments to '060708cinderella_patrick4.jpg': (2009-07-13 23:46):

He's a cute little princess.

 katiebug237 (2009-07-16 20:50):

Isn't he though? I wonder if he's in a diaper too, seeings how he's in a crib. Guess I'll just have to wonder, huh? (2009-09-16 18:03):

hope he is wearing panties (2009-09-17 03:52):

lift that skirt over his head and bend him over. (2009-09-17 07:21):

One in a million. Thanks. (2010-08-15 00:12):

i'm with you 76.179.165- lift that skirt and bend him over the crib rail. no lube either. (2011-05-10 02:53):

lay him on his back and well!!!

Comments to 'DSC01329.JPG': (2009-09-17 08:40):

That's how young I started (2010-01-07 14:01):

me 2 my dad made me wear all pink girly stuff till i was 10 then trained me into how to please my man and treat him like a god (2010-06-28 12:38):

I dident have any boy cloths tell I started school, dad blasted my bottom when I was 5

 loveboyyy (2011-08-20 19:52):

Anyone want to share about those early experiences....I'd love to is in my profile.

 11biker11 (2011-10-15 05:01):

I started when I was in the second grade when my friend went into his closet and came out in his little sisters pantyhose...he said ya gotta try these on, they feel real good, but there is more (2011-10-26 04:57):

hello cute boy

Comments to 'img0731_013.JPG': (2009-09-16 18:10):

cute as...

Comments to 'mypictures016.jpg': (2009-09-16 22:49):

A pair of NYLONS on those FEET and we are GOOD TO GO!!!

Comments to '2423771978_97875cf972_o.jpg': (2010-05-04 21:28):

yes oooo (2011-04-24 15:01):

sissi (2011-06-26 02:35):

we could make that one a girl very easily...

Comments to '281533797_6cb116b758_o.jpg': (2009-09-16 22:44):

Love boyfeet in NYLONS HIS FEET ARE BEAUTIFUL!! MORE MORE MORE PLEASE!!! (2010-06-01 09:45):

fag sorry but u r a fagott little boy i found this on google agian im sorry but y (2010-06-28 23:47):

thats a girl (2011-05-03 12:52):

sweetie (2011-08-23 23:37):

nice boy/girl (2011-10-13 01:53):

ya (2011-10-13 01:53):

mmm (2011-10-13 01:54):


 gussetsuka (2011-11-25 01:32):

Get behind him, lift the kilt, slide the panties down and slip into heaven. Lovely Boy.
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