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Comments to '1.jpg': (2009-03-22 10:54):

beautiful little preteen girl (2009-04-05 03:21):

(g.t is mrtoker) (2009-04-05 05:03):


 morbosoprvert (2009-04-15 06:42):

beautiful (2009-04-16 00:13):

nice figure

 wonderfuldream (2009-04-30 05:43):

very nice (2009-10-29 21:08):

Для некоторых элементов нашего гнилого общества такие материалы-стимул,для других антипатия...

Comments to '2.jpg': (2009-03-22 10:56):

perfect little girl (2009-03-30 18:22):

That's not a bikini!

Comments to '3.jpg': (2009-03-21 12:35):

the girl in front is real cute (2009-03-30 17:31):

the one on the left, very cuddly (2009-03-30 18:29):

I don't like the skeletal look that's in fashion. I like to see a little "meat on the bones." These three would make a perfect trifecta for me. The one on the left is especially fetching to me. Plus, she has a nice look on her face, like she KNOWS that lots of guys think she's sexy..... (2009-04-16 00:14):

the girl in front is hot (2009-04-16 17:09):

I want the hotty in front (2009-07-18 20:58):

I go with the full-bodied look too.

Comments to '4.jpg': (2009-03-30 18:31):

cute little nymph (2009-04-04 02:19):

wonder if she has to pee (2009-04-05 05:10):

Can I watch??

 asslover (2009-07-18 17:34):


 friendofbeauty (2009-08-26 00:49):

Ist's nur ein kleines Kleidchen, was das süße Kindchen anhat? Meine Phantasie geht mit mir durch! (2009-09-06 12:41):

mit dir in die umkleide gehen, wir beide ziehen uns aus, du machst die beine breit und bietest mir deine haarlose kindervotze zum lecken an !Mmmmmmmmmm lecker ;D (2009-12-18 18:59):


Comments to '5.jpg': (2009-03-25 07:05):

Похоже, автор не знает, что такое "бикини". Осел, однако.

Comments to '6.jpg': (2009-04-16 09:44):


I love this photo. She is so beautiful.

Comments to '7.jpg': (2009-04-15 09:38):

Comments to '8.jpg': (2009-03-22 10:59):

perfect (2009-03-28 19:50):

Gorgeous shot. (2009-03-30 18:32):

Sweet to.... (2009-04-04 02:20):

yummy (2009-04-05 05:05):

Very beautiful!

Comments to '9.jpg': (2009-03-21 02:21):

Beautiful young lady, very much like my little one. Anymore of her would be appreciated. Thanks (2009-03-21 05:19):

Very nice picture, to bad her head is cut off. :-( (2009-03-21 07:39):

a mini 'Miss Wonderwoman' (2009-03-22 08:37):

nice but no topless?????????????????????? (2009-03-23 06:02):

very good (2009-03-31 01:27):


A REAL HEART BREAKER ONE DAY.. (2009-04-03 05:13):

this is one healthy little girl...and a cutie too (2009-04-05 05:00):

yes sexy (2009-04-05 08:21):

delicious and very sweet on the eyes (2009-04-05 09:48):

what do you mean heartbraker one day..... she is NOW (2009-04-14 23:26):

I have really dirty thoughts about her but I wont comment

 nepioluvr (2009-04-16 10:40):

Pretty girl. (2009-05-01 13:53):

cute pic. thank you! But I will never understand, why parents put their little girls bikinis on. children up to 10 have nothing to hide! Our daughters are 6 and 8, and they play nude in the garden, when its warm enough. Last summer we´ve been to the sea, in north Germany, and the girls have hardly had any clothes on, during the day. they are used to playing nude, and they love it! (2009-05-30 14:57):

@kinderfoetzchen: Erstma Kompliment zu nem super Nick! Dann finde ich aber, dass auch kleine Mädchen besser in winzigen Tangas aussehen als ganz nackt. Viel zeigen is okay, aber mann will ja auch noch was zum Auspacken haben ... find ich! (2009-07-18 05:14):

this is the reason daddys coks are hard all the time (2009-10-12 09:26):

so beautiful and sexy, she looks like my girlfriend (2010-12-29 22:23):

oh my my my what i could do

Comments to '10.jpg': (2009-03-31 01:23):

LOVELY LEGS! (2009-04-05 05:08):

Love to be their dad! (2009-09-27 19:58):

I will love to be their Babysitter, and I will have them both sitting in my lap

Comments to '13.jpg': (2009-03-26 12:22):

вкусняшки (2009-04-05 09:11):

Love a 69 with 67 (2009-04-21 20:20):

Раздеть до гола,--шапочки можно оставить ! (2009-08-09 00:03):

nice picts thanks for posting

Comments to '14.jpg': (2009-04-01 10:43):

these 2 are yummy looking

 nepioluvr (2009-04-16 10:41):

Very nice. (2009-09-27 20:05):

I like this kind of bathing suit it has to come all the way down for them to go potty (2009-10-13 19:36):

The girl on the left is so wonderful. (2010-12-30 16:18):

puffy camel toe (2010-12-30 16:20):

girls on the left would spatter her all over

Comments to '15.jpg': (2009-04-15 15:59):

BEAUTIFUL! (2009-04-15 17:03):

bikini ? (2009-04-15 17:26):

lovely very beautiful pics (2009-04-16 00:16):

nice age (2009-09-27 20:07):

At this age she can be naked anywear (2009-10-13 19:29):

Thanks for the nice albums. She is cute and pretty and so nice to look at.

Comments to '16.jpg': (2009-04-05 05:17):


Comments to '18.jpg':

 bookdude (2009-04-05 01:57):

Two cuties! Thanks! (2009-04-05 04:42):

sweet (2009-04-05 05:18):

THEY NEED KISSING! (2009-04-05 05:24):

HOT!!!!!!!!!!!! and the older one not bad too (2009-04-05 09:52):

Older one telling her "First you take it in your mouth..and lick the end with your tongue" (2009-04-14 21:21):

an hour with the big one is all I need (2009-04-15 20:52):

at my age a half hour would kill me with both? but what a way to go.......

 nepioluvr (2009-04-16 10:43):

The little one is perfect! (2009-05-01 10:30):

love to see the little one fist the older one (2009-08-06 20:17):

I want to see the older one molest the little one (2009-09-27 20:12):

That is a sexy little girl, and her Mom is Pretty as well, I will do stuff to Baby girl and her Mom Can hold her down for me (2009-09-28 07:59):

Her mom? Man, you pedos have a skewed sense of age. (2009-09-29 23:23):

a doughter explaining to her step sister her daddies special games (2009-11-22 12:03):

VERY VERY NICE (2010-05-12 03:33):

J'ai envie de baiser la grande et ensuite juter dans la bouche de la p'tite!

Comments to '17.jpg': (2009-10-13 19:36):

Two beauties--so cute.

Comments to '19 .jpg': (2009-04-29 04:01):

WOW such beauty (2009-04-29 08:52):

one on the right is super hot (2009-04-29 10:38):

i would give $1000 for a night with these two little darlings (2009-05-01 10:32):

10,000 to f99k them til they couldn't anymore. (2009-07-18 21:56):

i want my sister to fuk me and these two (2010-12-22 14:04):

die rechts find ich sehr süss. (2010-12-29 22:27):

id love to eat them

Comments to '20.jpg': (2009-07-21 11:20):

pefektes Spielzeug (2009-09-29 23:17):

she knows that her daddieand her are going to play there special private game (2009-12-18 19:00):

I love looking at that
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