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Comments to 'By lamp light (part 1).jpg':

 andyman23595 (2008-12-11 21:17):

You've not replyed to my E-Mall...

 teenhead (2010-01-31 04:38):


 goodsuck (2014-10-07 21:36):

bdsm girl vids

 andyman23595 (2010-05-25 21:22):

Spvidtrad, Yes I interarsted..

 guynextdoor (2010-08-05 23:01):

I agree. Panties down young lady!

 kidsart (2010-12-09 00:49):

nice work...I have 3d artwork up too nice to see another artist here. great job with your work

 redpalm (2011-11-01 02:54):

naughty spanked lil girl mmmmmmm

 redpalm (2011-12-25 18:40):

li girls need spanked on their lil bottoms

 huntet14 (2012-03-10 23:09):

Pfp (2012-05-09 08:34):

Nice work. just a thing... the heads looks to small...

Comments to 'By lamp light (part 2).jpg':

 guynextdoor (2010-09-04 21:57):

I totally agree.

 kidsart (2010-12-09 00:50):

only concern is the TOS says no child abusive pics....just to let you know

 redpalm (2011-09-20 00:54):

the older one should be spanked

Comments to 'Cheerleaders Little Sister.jpg':

 guynextdoor (2010-08-05 23:02):

I am glad to see she is getting what she deserves!

 kidsart (2010-12-09 07:02):

that kid is too small proportion -wise to the adults, need to make it bigger.

 brownowl (2011-01-13 22:05):

All naughty boys and girls need a spanking odd times. Not sadistic though and no harm to them. Apart from perhaps red thieghs and bottom but marks go after a bit, it did on me anyway when i was a kid lol.

 redpalm (2011-09-21 13:49):

love spanking anyone hae some good pics?

 redpalm (2011-11-01 02:56):

email me lets chat

Comments to 'Mummy's Office Spanking.jpg':

 guynextdoor (2010-09-04 21:58):

strip the naughty little thing after the spanking for an entirely different reason.

 redpalm (2011-09-20 00:55):

spank her for fun too

Comments to 'Kindergarten teacher and her dau':

 guynextdoor (2010-09-04 22:00):

There is no way I could spank her in that position. I'd have to taste or mount her.

 latino123 (2010-09-18 14:35):

Broekje uit en slaan maar

 jennykhunhan (2013-12-15 11:43):

best postition to expose

 overagain (2014-01-03 03:01):

Especially without panties.

 jennykhunhan (2014-01-03 09:42):

yes always bare,

 overagain (2014-01-03 11:26):

thats the best way

 jennykhunhan (2014-01-03 11:30):

yes only way

 overagain (2014-01-03 11:41):

how true

 jennykhunhan (2014-01-03 11:43):

are you a parent?

 overagain (2014-01-03 21:41):

No, but I was raised within a strict family and had two sisters.

Comments to 'Emily's detention.jpg':

 kidsart (2010-12-09 00:52):

very realistic render here excellent done!!

 jennykhunhan (2013-07-25 11:04):

it could be me when i was young

 overagain (2013-10-05 23:58):

Who spanked you when you where young?

 jennykhunhan (2013-10-10 00:07):

my mom and most dad did spank me,

 overagain (2013-11-30 02:53):

Did they just spank by hand?

 jennykhunhan (2013-12-05 08:02):

No used hand and brush. Also belt when older

 overagain (2014-01-03 03:02):

I bet that hurt...

 jennykhunhan (2014-01-03 09:44):

yes that hurt alot but make a good mom now

 overagain (2014-01-03 11:25):

so you raise your kids the same?

 jennykhunhan (2014-01-03 11:27):

my daughters are 8-11-13 and yes they are spanked

 overagain (2014-01-03 11:40):

you really are a good mom

 jennykhunhan (2014-01-03 11:44):

thanks alot

 overagain (2014-01-05 13:07):

You show much love when you spank. It proves you take care in your kids.

 jennykhunhan (2014-01-05 13:10):

yes i agree. spanking means i love them and want to protect too

 overagain (2014-01-05 13:26):

you guide them this way to be good women.

 jennykhunhan (2014-01-05 13:27):

yes i think so. i try to

 overagain (2014-01-05 13:31):

my dad did the same with my sisters.

 jennykhunhan (2014-01-05 13:33):

nice and you watched? please contact me to talk about it

Comments to 'Matt's bum smacked.jpg':

 lmd64 (2010-12-02 02:22):

like the art pic,

Comments to 'St Mary's.jpg':

 redpalm (2011-11-04 02:16):

mmmm love to spank lil black girls too

Comments to 'Matt's Spanking.jpg':

 jackes11 (2011-08-11 10:56):

How do I contact you for ideas with Poser/Daz work?

Comments to 'Little Madam's spanking.jpg':

 redpalm (2011-11-01 02:55):

yea harder

Comments to 'Little Ballerina's spanking.jpg':

 guynextdoor (2010-09-04 22:19):

mmmm delisious

Comments to 'Nusery Spankings.jpg':

 spencer88 (2013-04-09 01:22):

Endlich mal ein vernünftiger Kurs an der Abendschule: 'Wie bestrafe ich mein Kind richtig und trotzdem mit Liebe'... lol

Comments to 'Diaper spanking.jpg':

 redpalm (2013-03-29 19:19):

perfect way to spank naughty little girls

Comments to 'Little Terror!!.jpg':

 redpalm (2011-11-01 02:57):

perfect spanking

 redpalm (2011-12-25 18:41):

perfect age to spank

Comments to 'The Governess.jpg':

 bkoek (2011-12-20 19:57):

She is knowing what the spanking chair means... Perfect

Comments to 'The Governess part 2.jpg':

 jackes11 (2010-07-29 05:38):

Nice new post, thank you.

 lmd64 (2010-12-02 02:23):

whats the program u use make these kind of pics, 3d pics

 andyman23595 (2010-12-05 19:46):

this one was made in Daz studio..

 andyman23595 (2011-04-25 21:41):

I don't do comissions; I vary glad you like my work :-) MORE COMING SOON!!

 grandpaluv (2011-08-18 23:49):

very nice

 bkoek (2012-03-29 20:10):

A few firm, but not excessive swats on the bare bottom: a punishment that has always worked, and always will work.

 redpalm (2013-03-29 19:18):

i agree

Comments to 'Santa's Ordars 2.jpg':

 jackes11 (2011-08-11 10:55):

Poser/Daz, nice work. Thank you for sharing. Your work brings the picture to life. I like the lighting that you have used for this image.

 kinderscout (2011-08-16 02:15):

Very nice work, especially the Daz, where the tots' proportions are more realistic. Lovely to see the little ones getting good hard spankings.

 grandpaluv (2011-08-18 23:47):

yes, these are great. very realistic, and very nice to see little ones in horror as they are being spanked or about to be spanked.

 redpalm (2011-11-01 02:59):

i agree lil girls need spankings

Comments to 'Spabking the twins 2.jpg':

 redpalm (2011-11-04 02:18):

wish i could do that
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