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Comments to '99bd.jpg': (2008-02-27 04:28):

Chubby ??? You mean fat cows!!! (2008-02-27 06:14):

rofl. what a scene (2008-02-27 06:24):

Porkpie (2008-02-28 01:52):

hnng... (2008-03-06 14:17):

As I was 10 or so such a fat girl (also 10yo) and her sis (maybe 8 or 9yo) bothered me at the slide in a water park by putting some sand onto the last part of the slide so my swim trousers were ruined (at this time they were not so robust as they were made from cotton). As I realized it I catched the older girl and asked her to look for her sis as they need to apologize for this. She brought her sister to the place where I left my cover but both girls refused to apologize. I was angry and going a little bit apart behind a bush. Both girls followed me and I catched the older one and removed the upper part of her swimsuit from her shoulders. She starts fighting with me and I went with my hand inside her swimsuit between her legs, my finger close to her hole. Her sis was standing in front of us and I ordered her to massage her older sisters developing boobs and apologize. I realized my erection as she did what I have ordered and I pulled the swimsuit down the fat ass of the older girl hard against my stomach pulled down my swim trunk and pressed my dick between her legs trying to find her "hole" but it was not possible as she pressed against it. (2008-03-07 03:10):

you can't end the story there!! (2008-03-16 06:35):

Lol, look out for the 3 whales (2008-04-01 17:31):

As I was 11 or 12 some friends of mine ordered another fat class mate of us to bring a fat girl into our tent. We told them to don many nasty things together like kissing fondling touching their genitals etc. Finally we ordered the boy to lay nude on his back and the girl to go on top of him and ride his dick. It was nearly impossible for the boys short and fat penis to reach the gils vagina. So it was funny to look at them trying to do each other :D (2008-04-02 12:49):

this story is so horny. I like to read such things (2008-06-27 04:28):

That last entry must have been from a girl. Guys don't talk that much. (2008-07-01 01:54):

i think they were defending fat people but instead made fun of them along with pissing off the squinty eyed chinese (2008-07-01 01:56):

the one in the blue stripes is baby fat. the red checkered girl just ate someone (2008-08-17 22:52):

Sell them to the brothel, then pimp them, look how they work for piece of pizza (2008-09-08 01:59):

Part of the problem with fat and obese kids is the parents don't restrict what the kids eat - they let them feed up on chips and hotdogs and takeaways as much as they like, then the kids sit around and watch TV or play X-Box all day and get no exercise. No wonder they look like this. (2008-09-08 10:35):

LLITO 3A Y}|{OC HAX (2008-11-23 22:22):

ljfB9Q my membmaster (2009-05-12 23:47):

the two in front are gross but the one behind in the middle might be ok (2009-07-03 10:08):

coucher avec une des 3 cochone sa serai mon reve (2009-07-15 00:47):

when i was 10 yo my sister,who was was quite large caught me playin with myself.i offered her some chocolate if she played with me...she agreed and was eating my chocolate and cum 4 years to come (2009-07-22 23:55):

very very nice,die rechte und mittlere genau wie sie mir gefallen!! (2010-03-07 00:25):

Very nice site! (2010-04-05 13:25):

Very nice (2010-04-06 22:14):

Very nice site! (2010-12-03 18:40):

оо,ебать толстухи (2010-12-09 21:23):

pass please (2010-12-10 13:56):

be careful and look out for Greenpeace, little orcas! They carry you back into water!

Comments to '1171749355556.jpg': (2008-02-27 04:16):

saugeil (2008-02-27 06:14):

whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaale (2008-02-27 06:25):

Jesus Rub the softbits (2008-02-27 07:58):

damn shes hott more cushin for the pushin (2008-02-27 14:30):

Someone needs to cut her diet back and get her out to exercise more! That's just unnecessarily fat! She will have big problems later in life if they don't deal to it now. She will turn into the Michelin Man. (2008-02-28 01:44):

Жиртрест (2008-02-28 20:56):

echt geil, wirklich (2008-02-28 20:56):

wer mag sowas noch?? (2008-03-01 14:14):

Erst sch?n ihre Specktitchen und ihren bauch k?ssen, dann die Schleife von ihrem Slip l?sen, nach vorn ziehen und endlich die kleine Kindermuschi lecken. (2008-03-01 15:07):

OMG!!! She made me very horny, nice body with cool titties (2008-03-03 17:57):

I had such a fat 10yo girl in my summer camp. She was bothered by the boys of my group several days. One night i found strange noises in one of the tents. Looking after it i found a few boys sitting around this fat girl laying on her back with legs spread. They have stripped her nude and investigated her fat body all over in the shine of a small hand lamp :D (2008-03-03 20:13):

I forgot to mention that one of the boy tried to push a branch up her butt hole while 2 others helt her legs apart. After I have finished the "delicate" situation the girl told me that the boy at first tried to penetrate her vagina with the branch and she was beggin to the boys not to do so and so they forced her to open her other hole to push it in. A boy shuts her mouth during this so she could just give some strange noises, that came to my attention. (2008-03-06 13:54):

unfortunately I needed to send all those boys home the next day. But I had the opportunity to investigate and medically treat the girl during the next days. She developed a mild inflamation of her vagina after the event with the boys, so we needed to see the doctor and I helped her with the application of the anti-inflamation lotion after the shower each evening. She was very shy and not very practially in the application of it, so I needed help her to distribute the lotion around her little cunt. (2008-03-17 06:34):

shes cute!

 jonasboy (2008-03-19 22:04):

very nice (2008-03-26 15:19):

Такую не протрахаешь и за день (2008-04-01 17:21):

fat girls are easy to get into love with. They are thankful that somebody cares of them. In most cases they are a little bit shy but this is also great as you can do a lot of nasty things with them. (2008-04-01 17:33):

you have? (2008-04-12 21:53):

she needs lots of sexercise!!!. (2008-04-13 16:37):

it needs salad salad salad saled (2008-05-04 02:29):

you are one sick baster (2008-05-21 20:35):

she'd sink right to the bottom of that pool :-P (2008-06-27 05:08):

looks like she drank half the water out of that pool either that she just jumped in and got thrown back out by the lifeguard (2008-08-11 22:34):

mir kommts schon so beim wichsen wenn ich sie anschaue (2008-08-17 22:51):

Perfect pig for orgy with bunchh of hungry men! (2008-08-27 12:53):

titeeeez (2008-11-15 18:58):

жЫрная тварь!!! (2008-11-23 22:22):

W3AEYR my membmaster (2009-03-07 16:33):

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm (2009-05-31 13:36):

I think she is pretty (2009-09-06 22:21):

ich nehm sie gern (2009-09-08 02:08):

oh shit BOOMER (2009-10-26 12:01):

зато сиськи как у взрослой и половые губки тоже (2009-10-26 12:01):

зато сиськи как у взрослой и половые губки тоже (2010-05-17 23:15):

Fatty just made me splurge (2010-06-23 00:08):

so hot so cute (2010-12-03 22:45):

so the michelin man had a sex change?? (2010-12-05 01:10):

she may br tubby but !!!

 jayfromjersey13 (2010-12-15 01:14):


 jayfromjersey13 (2010-12-15 01:25):

Trade? (2011-01-16 04:59):

she's beautiful

 chubby_sd (2013-10-21 12:28):


Comments to '119858419121.jpg': (2008-03-26 17:38):

zeig mir deine specktittchen (2008-03-26 18:59):

Фото ворованные.А альбомы не полные. Что нашел,--то и выставил. У меня полные серии,--а у тебя 2-3 фото с серий.

 4ubby2 (2008-03-26 23:03):

И откуда же они сворованы? :) Серии я не закачиваю. Лень удалять логотипы сайтов с каждой фотки.Альбомы в основном для малого обмена,поэтому небольшие.Во основном меняюсь по емейлу(у меня в коллекции около 10000 фото по этой теме,запарюсь все закачивать) (2008-03-31 22:55):

Ворованные,ворованные,--не отпирайся........Я болтать ЗРЯ не буду.

 4ubby2 (2008-04-01 01:21):

тогда укажи место откуда я их "своровал". (2008-04-02 17:33):


 4ubby2 (2008-04-02 17:40):

? (2008-04-02 17:41):

Брешешь братела.10000 фоток,париться не хочешь-брехня.Мои ты тоже обозначил как старые, а это брехня.Короче-тебя вычислили и если не докажешь обратное-удаляйся либо поможем.Нас уже 28 и поверь мы в обиде (2008-04-02 17:44):

Не верте этому уроду.Если это так то ты сотрёшь этот комментарий,и тогда лучше удаляйся отсюда я знаю способ как тебя подставить.Если нет прошу прощения,но придётся доказать честными делами и делиться почестному.

 4ubby2 (2008-04-02 17:46):

Какие именно были твои?Скажи свой мэйл, а то мне в основном приходят письма от "умников" которые скачали фотки у Вани( и думают что это редкий материал. (2008-04-02 17:48):

ОН ВРЁТ!!! Получает картинки и пишет:"Я это видел извини присылай свежее я решу меняться или нет".И молчит!!!

 4ubby2 (2008-04-02 17:51):

Мэйл до сих пор не сказал.Очередной злой аноним. (2008-04-02 17:57):

Ты на ( не перекашивай Из нас кто в обиде никто редким Ваниным материалом не пользуется.Закончим флуд.Выяснения видимо бесполезны,левые отмазы не уместны.Время покажет.А мена это сколько и какие прислали столько и такие-же обратно (2008-04-02 17:58):

Будешь огрызаться? НУ-НУ...

 4ubby2 (2008-04-02 17:59):

Может наконец-то представишь хотя бы несколько человек из этой "толпы обиженных"? Скажи их никнэймы или имэйлы. (2008-04-23 15:41):

? (2008-06-27 04:23):

We all looking at the same pic here? SHE'S HUGE PEOPLE!! (2008-07-14 18:33):

очередная мафия разбирается. мочите друг друга чтоб вас меньше было (2008-09-07 18:33):

chubby but sweet (2009-02-16 14:44):

any chance to get a password for your albums ? (2010-05-16 01:01):

geil (2010-05-16 01:02):

echt sexy !!! (2010-12-03 22:44):

not enough sand on this beach for this (2011-01-26 11:04):

como me exitan las gorditas

Comments to '2636103110067653166wJMGfz_fs.jpg': (2008-09-07 23:26):

SO WOULD MY DOG (2008-10-22 19:44):

Photo video ( (2008-11-02 04:50):

mmmm bet she has a tight chubby pussy (2009-02-04 14:59):

das ist ja ecklig (2009-02-07 08:13):

in welchem monat ist die sau? (2009-04-13 00:48):

a chubby little girl like her can take a chubby old man like me

 fatgirlover (2009-04-25 19:42):

mmmmmmmm (2009-06-09 09:55):

Sa excite de voir un fille ronde

 porty37 (2010-04-20 19:55):

p4p (2010-04-24 02:38):

вот это свинтус

 dyan2008 (2010-05-13 15:16):

email me so we can have a deal 4ubby2. (2010-05-22 23:10):

Ich will der Kleinen ja nix : Das ist wie bei fetten Weibern,ab einem gewissen Punkt ist die Estethik weg. Da is nix mehr mit Busen und Muschi!!! Und der Knubbel hat die Grenze schon überschritten. Aber vieleicht steht der "Pappa" ja drauf! (2010-05-22 23:20):

Ich meine es nicht sexuell mit dem drauf stehen,sondern es gibt Menschen,die denken sie tun ihren Kids etwas "Gutes". So in Richtung "Wohlstandsbauch"(He Leute guckt mal,wir Haben genug "zu Fressen").Oder die Kleine bekommt zu wenig Zuneigung.- Bitte nicht "Eure Zuneigung",darauf kann die bestimmt verzichten!!! (2010-09-30 19:50):

absolut süss das kleine....zum verlieben und knuddeln (2010-10-11 00:33):

I want her to poop on me..... (2010-10-19 20:47):

far pre teens=low self esteem=ez pickins (2010-10-19 20:47):

far pre teens=low self esteem=ez pickins

 bmxguy1 (2010-12-03 18:31):

if you tell her u love her once in a while shed never tell a soul and youd be have in so much fun (2010-12-04 20:48):

girls have to be slim, because only slim is sexy

 sheila-castro (2010-12-06 03:56):

pass please

 4ubby2 (2010-12-07 15:25):

sheila-castro, post your e-mail and i will give you my pass (2010-12-13 12:47): I adore chubby girls

 jayfromjersey13 (2010-12-14 17:05):

We have the same taste... check my albums out (2010-12-15 00:53):

mal schön tief rein und abgespritzt

 fatlover324 (2011-01-07 05:23):

whats your password to the password protected area 4ubby

 pervypete0265 (2012-03-01 00:33):

Would love your password you have some great material your welcome to my password too small though the collection is

 zsierra1 (2013-05-25 09:01):

nice albums can i pass please

 chubbyjudith (2013-09-05 16:11):

please pass for your chubbies. thx

Comments to '2885818460014564736wBtXUM_fs.jpg': (2009-10-19 17:26):

tu me fait rever ma petite cochonne j'ai trop envie de toucher ton jolie corps (2010-01-02 19:53):

Die Beine sind Klasse, schade, daß man die Pflaume nicht sieht. Auf alle Fälle mag die Schwänze und Wichse! Literweise!

 girlsarecool (2010-04-10 08:51):

check uot my plump teen album (2010-06-06 17:27):

Von der würd ich mich auch mal gerne verführen lassen. (2011-01-16 05:24):


Comments to '30296_399337447609_679022609_493': (2010-12-03 17:55):

I'd love her to take a smelly dump in my mouth! (2010-12-03 22:46):

gross comment & bird (2010-12-09 21:18):

pass please (2010-12-12 04:07):

WOW probably the hottest girl I have ever seen

 biggirls (2010-12-13 20:31):

Hot hot hot hot hot

 4ubby2 (2010-12-13 23:54):

I have many pictures of her,and she was very big when she was younger too so you're mixing her with some other girl, spook45.

 titaniccool (2013-08-19 10:32):

what are the pics of her like? When getting older or only when younger? I am interested in older up to 15

 jcdad14 (2014-07-13 11:37):

would love to see more of her (2010-12-14 09:43):

perfect,hot. (2010-12-15 01:00):

voll die süsse Maus, ihr mal das Schlitzchen lecken bis sie stöhnt (2010-12-16 16:31):

wow, what a fat & sexy girl (2010-12-16 16:57):

more pics from her (2011-01-09 19:01):

Как там обстоят дела с диабетом?ожирением сердца?до скольки лет она доживет?до 20 и чуть более если повезет?Диабет классная штука сначала оттяпают палец на ноге потом стопу потом ногу а потом...КРАСАВИЦА!!! (2011-01-16 05:26):


 titaniccool (2013-08-04 01:53):

One of my fav girls

 master.pi (2014-07-29 03:14):

Beautiful !

Comments to 'l_bab02a49a005cf1c2e73430f2db34f': (2010-12-03 19:05):

I'd love to get her on all fours & have her fart in my face! (2010-12-09 21:18):

pass please (2010-12-16 17:20):

yes, pass please

 fshlove (2011-01-06 12:35):

pass please (2011-02-15 19:39):

pass plz

 chubby_sd (2013-10-21 12:29):

wow pass??

Comments to 'l_eb250650814f3a8fb2e81ab220ddb7':

 biggirls (2010-12-13 20:31):

Woooooooooooooooooooooowwwwww. Do you have more of this big beauty?

 4ubby2 (2010-12-14 00:00):

Yes. (2011-01-16 05:40):

love to kiss every inch of her belly (2011-01-26 11:07):

dejamela una noche, vaya q la pasaremos bien porque haremos de todo (2011-02-06 20:26):

Yes please.

 katzeneier1 (2014-01-02 21:21):

nice it

 lolitoman89 (2014-07-01 08:39):

i wanna trade my kik is lolitoman89 and my gmail is lolitoman11
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