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Comments to 'first kiss_001.jpg': (2007-08-20 06:54):

minimound p4p (2007-09-11 05:55):

Sad News To Report - Your support is needed. It is with regret to have to inform you that the poster known as MINIMOUND has committed suicide sometime early Sunday morning, September 9, 2007. MINIMOUND has dealt with severe depression for over 12 years mostly as a result of the subject MINIMOUND so enjoyed. MINIMOUND has never brought any harm to anyone and it is sad that such a beautiful and giving person has had to feel there was no way out and that this was the only solution. MINIMOUND’S site will be deleted soon. The passwords were: pass3213 and pass4pass. PLEASE, if anyone here is a member of a forum known as ETERNALANGELS, PLEASE copy and past this in a message to that board. I can not access that location and was told that MINIMOUND had friends there that would care to know about this unfortunate situation. NO ONE SHOULD HAVE HAD TO SUFFER SO MUCH FOR JUST WANTING TO SHARE LOVE.

Comments to 'first kiss_002.jpg': (2009-06-01 23:38):

me too, that'd be so great (2010-03-15 05:56):

that's so romantic

Comments to 'first kiss_003.jpg': (2007-11-19 00:06):

Pop round,about two. Mom's goin' to the store then....i'll be waiting.... (2008-04-03 10:46):

cute (2009-03-23 06:51):

lucky boy

Comments to 'first kiss_004.jpg':

 lilmouthy (2007-07-22 09:20):


Comments to 'first kiss_006.jpg': (2010-05-22 14:20):

It is from a book about sex education with many photos of naked families. Childs showing their private parts(erections,too) to other childs, touchig them and talking about sex. I can send a link with 72 pics for some pass. (2011-02-06 04:14):

Dude i would love to see that !!!!

 meinejungs (2011-03-28 00:15):

can i have the link ?

 nebokray (2013-04-10 12:52):

Это фотографии Will McBride. Из серии Покажи мне.

Comments to 'first kiss_007.jpg': (2008-03-07 11:13):

a little demonstration for the late night live show in the hotel room. Little bit shy the girl but, ok 20 bucks for the show all included :D (2008-03-07 11:31):

In asia i like the kids which are a little bit more shy. The best are kids doing it the first time. It gives a very hot show to see them experimenting with their bodys. The boys get more arosed. A 12yo boy together with a 10-11yo girly. He was very shy and very much arosed as the kids stripped. This innocent boy ejaculates as the girl started to kiss him. He also has another two early ejaculations this night. (2008-03-13 21:15):

yes little thai boys doin "free stile" the first time with a girl are the best. Once had 2 innocent brothers 11 and 13yo and a girl a little older maybe 16. As the girl kissed with the younger boy his bro had an ejaculation from just watching them. (2008-03-26 23:59):

I like thai bathing shows of boys. You can watch them for just a few dollars. The mommy or another woman usually washes the boy and stimulates erections and sometimes even ejaculations. Once there was such a show of a 12yo boy. He was obviosly ashamed as his mom moves his forskin and after a while some drops of cum cam out his glans. The mommy removed them and cleaned the boy further. (2009-01-23 15:33):

with nude is better

Comments to 'first kiss_008.jpg': (2007-09-09 10:38):

gfdgfdgd (2008-01-17 04:15):

ahhhhh sooooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutttttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeeee (2008-03-11 20:24):

as I was 8 or 9 my cousin (12yo) showed me how french kissing goes. (2008-09-05 06:15):

weird (2009-03-23 06:52):

i bet they are ready to some nice sex

Comments to 'first kiss_010.jpg':

 janetgamet (2007-07-17 10:39):

daaaammnn me too ;)

 vakhos (2007-07-22 09:17):

I would love to be there too (2007-08-31 20:48):

what makes it hot is wondering where that hand is (2007-08-31 21:09):

You don't have to wonder. In the full pic you can see where that hand is. And believe me, it's hot ;-) (2007-09-19 17:52):

ich wГјrde gerne mit ihnen unter der dushe sein

 dirtyoldman (2007-10-05 19:20):

this picture is not the full image...if I remember correctly, they are "playing" with each other (2007-11-05 02:49):


2 naked kids in the shower touching each others smooth skin not bothered about being seen nude. Now that is sexy x iluvem (2008-01-03 19:48):

what are thay doing?? (2008-01-07 02:30):

thats how i had my first kiss with my best friend which she is a girl (2008-01-09 04:11):

porque nГЈo aproveitam e fazem sexo ali? (2008-02-24 06:14):

Where can i get the hole pic? (2008-03-07 11:18):

The girly is ok, the boy a little bit too small. Like at least 11-12yo boys to have some sticky drops during the show at least better a fountain of cum :D (2008-03-31 18:14):

I also like more a little bit older boys to see their ejaculations at least some drops of cum popping out their glans as the girl does them

 tube (2008-04-08 05:42):

cool ;) (2008-06-29 02:10):

yes, this is not the full pic. there is more and they are playing with each other in it.

 vyacha (2008-07-07 01:48):

please send pass (2008-11-15 03:02):

Все вы блядская банда пидарасных гондонов - недочеловеки, оправдывающие своим поганым существованием Освенцим: там вам самое место, вы - вырожденное отродье. (2009-04-09 10:28):

Pretty . (2009-05-24 14:29):

THIS BOY IS FINGER FN HER! (2009-06-01 23:44):

there is a video of this and they finally have sex, i have the video (2009-07-09 18:53):

man muss mal schauen wo ihre hand hingeht (2009-07-19 02:19): can someone send me video or pass or photo? or tell me where to get it? (2009-12-04 04:30):

god damn, this is frickin annoying! post the full set already! you see all these comments! (2009-12-09 19:15):

Mehr davon bitte, ich bin geil! (2009-12-09 19:26):

Die fummeln sich bestimmt gegenseitig an den Genitalien herum, oder? (2009-12-23 03:43):

Did they have intercourse?

 uppergully (2009-12-29 07:05):

Such as? (2010-01-10 03:16):

Post full pic plz and possibly a few pics of sex from vid (2010-01-23 18:06):

Dieses kleine Päärchen macht doch glatt geile Sauereien unter der Dusche. Bitte mehr davon. (2010-01-26 19:50):

Auf welcher Website kann ich mehr von den beiden sehen? (2010-01-29 00:26):

Wo! Wo! (2010-02-11 13:01): (2010-02-15 07:51):

money3319 more please and dont delete it (2010-02-15 08:52):

ugug ruff day my bad (2010-04-08 07:06):

please send me the full pic: viralhaelios AT live DOT ca

 thobbs (2010-05-18 23:39):

Can anyone send me the password please? Would love to see more. (2010-05-26 02:38):

Ist das nicht "Anstiftung zum Inzest"? lol (2010-06-02 14:13):

wer das ganze Set kennt weiss das es nicht nur in der Dusche heiss her geht (2010-06-12 16:39):

Man stelle sich vor: Gerade wo die Möglichkeiten des heimlichen filmens im Bad in ungeahnte Möglichkeiten "ausgeartet" waren,geht der "Gesetzgeber" hin und ändert den §184! Will damit sagen,daß ein "S.pyfilm" ja nicht verboten war,weil ja niemand die Kids dazu angestiftet hat! Und mit "ungeahnte Möglichkeiten" meine ich die Bildqualität und nicht erkennbare Cams! Möchte nicht wissen,was in "geschlossenen Foren" so alles an "Material" getauscht wird! Aber leider ist die "CP-Schublade" mittlerweile so groß,daß da demnächst noch Kommuni0nsbilder reingepackt werden! - lol lol lol - MfG: GIRLLOVER

 666alien (2010-06-17 22:15):

Not only playing eachother... doing some more great stuff with eachother and daddy... (2010-06-27 09:43): pass please (2010-07-07 17:26):

hot and def the real thing. I bet their took it and joined-in later. (2010-07-29 02:25): is there any someone can send me the whole pic

 undertaker2010 (2010-09-13 12:54):

cute send me pass please (2010-10-10 10:58):


go to 4xe1

 danamiller5 (2010-11-29 03:59):

please send pass (2011-01-06 03:05):

wats the link to the full pic on the web (2011-01-24 22:49):

iv seen the full pic of this and few others of them in the shower..they are AMAZING at what they do!!!i get the most hardest $%^£ looking at them, i think both the girl and boy are very sexy! (2011-02-05 19:17):

da will man der (sehr glückliche) junge sein... ich will sie!!!!! (2011-02-16 04:29):

Please send me a lnk to kitsune fox boy a.t. Hot mail d.o.t. Com without the spaces (2011-02-17 10:30):

Can anyone tell me where to get the full pic?

 mike007 (2011-05-22 17:07):

Kinder gehen oft viel freier mit der Sexualität um, als wir Erwachsenen. Wenn sie nackt zusammen sind, gehen sie sich sehr oft gegenseitig ungeniert an die Geschlechtsteile (so wie auf diesem Foto hier). In Nudistencamps (oder wenn zu Hause FKK gemacht wird) haben sie sogar oft keine Probleme ungeniert die Geschlechtsteile der Erwachsenen anzufassen und zu stimulieren.

 younggirlsrule (2011-08-15 05:09):

dose anyone have full set or have link to even just the full pic?

 thirdpillow4them (2011-11-20 19:47):

is she reaching down and strokin him?

 rickytheman (2013-01-07 20:27):

This look fun!! would love to know where to get the rest of this matrial? throwthecan1 at gmail com

Comments to 'first kiss_011.jpg': (2007-11-19 00:10):

....ya not to tell mom if i let ya!....Promice! Take ya nickers off....

Comments to 'first kiss_012.jpg':

 unforgiven (2007-11-06 06:41):

This is sweet. Thanks. (2007-12-13 01:26):

luvers in a few years (2007-12-13 01:26):

luvers in a few years (2008-01-09 03:02):

cute. i will set this fo my wallpaper

 super_boy3 (2011-12-22 17:04):

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